Across the tides of forever.

Over the mountains of youthfulness,

and across the universe.

Scarlet stars shine on the fields of ebony and Iivory.


Across the skies that blanket time,

and through the endless roses that bloom into red,

you finally return

welcoming us with happiness blanketing our hearts

With one last promise.


As the light shimmers, falling from broken hands,

down onto the ash-driven floor off forever,

dieing to awaken to the smile,

the one that shimmered like the stars.


Across the mountains of snow filled white,

and over the clouds of water.

This is the universe and it calls for you,

growing tired of waiting.

How long has it been since you've left us,

How long has been since the twinkle in your eyes has been tempted by blankness.


Its been so long since you've walked the streets.

but we've manged without your lingering presence,

through our earthly struggles and fights of powerful ignorance.

We're finally seeing the complete circle,

We have the peace you always dreamed of.

Across the lasting tides,

and over the endless universe.