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Chapter One

The Captured

There are some things in this world that are so strange and so far-fetched that they seem completely unexplainable. They simply should not happen…and yet they do. The closest of explanations one could come up with is magic, and magic is a whole realm of unexplainable substances all on its own. However, magic is the only way to explain us. Hermianthrope.

The year is 2075 Rebirth Era. After the destruction of the technological world, a deadly chemical was leaked into the water systems all around the planet. Presumably, it had no negative affects on anyone, however we would all find out that wasn't the case at all. The chemical was deadly to the female reproductive system. The female population had become frighteningly sterile after one month of the chemical release. The human race was facing a very grim future…Until we were discovered.

We, the hermianthrope, are an old breed of human being that lived in secrecy. Those of us who were found out before, merely passed as medical mutations or transgendered. However, no one would know of our strange gift until the desperation of man drove us out into the wide open. We once lived a peaceful existence with the world ignorant to, what could have been seen as an unnatural curse, to a blessing in a different package.

"Over here!" The call broke through the trees sharply and rattled my heart, causing my feet to move faster. They were right on our trail. They were a breath away and no matter how fast we tried to run, it seems as if for every step we took, they were two leaps closer.

"Liam!" I shouted, finding myself within the dirt, breathing in the soil as I had fallen. My brother stopped in his tracks and turned to see me trying to struggle to my feet.

"Illiath!" he tried to run back to me, but to men burst from the trees and grasp him right off of his feet.

"Liam!" My heart nearly stopped when I felt strong, forceful arms pluck me from the ground and restrain me enough to bruise. We had been on the run for so long now. I couldn't believe they had finally caught us. Both of us knew full and well what happened to hermianthrope who were captured. They were taken in and forced to breed and populate the human race. Liam and I didn't want that kind of life, so we ran…unfortunately, we just couldn't outrun them.

We were stuffed in the back of a truck with other of our kind who had been captured, chained at our hands and feet without much leeway to move. I huddled close to my brother as he tried to console me and keep me from spilling tears. We try not to spill tears. We don't want to show weakness.

"Liam, what are we going to do?" I whisper to him after the truck had began to move. My brother was looking at his hands, his face stressed and distraught. I had seen that expression on his face before. He has been trying to hide it from me, trying to pretend that everything would be alright…I could tell he was afraid. He was rightfully afraid, but he was being strong for my sake. At the age of seventeen, he's the elder brother by one year and felt it was his job to take care of me.

Pull in a breath, Liam turned to me with a smile, his violet eyes glistening with the hope that his words would calm me. "Don't worry, Illiath. We'll be fine. I'll figure out a way to get us out of here, okay?"

I looked up at him, tears welling up in my eyes against my will. He was trying so hard, yet I knew this was the end of the road. We were captured and there was no way we, the hermianthrope, small in stature to that of the average human male, could overpower a whole convoy. However, I smiled and nodded to let him believe that I was consoled and took his word.

"Okay," I breathed.


We barely got sleep in that truck as it rocked and bumped its way across the state, taking us to where our torture would begin. Rudely awake by flashlights and harsh commands, I blinked my eyes, lifting my head from my brother's shoulder where I had fallen asleep after his head lifted from my own. Our chains were being pulled, forcing us to move to the open exit since a few of us were pressing ourselves to the back to be as far away from our captors as possible.

"Don't worry, Illiath. I'm getting us out of here," Liam said to me, smiling at me again, but it was short lived as he turned his attention to the large men who herded us into a line of twos and lead us across a gravel flat. Up ahead was a single building, one story and plain. It was more long than it was high, with two double doors open like a rectangular mouth that was going to gobble them all up. I shivered at the site of it, knowing that when we walked in there, we weren't coming out free people.

When we walked inside, there were rows of people in seats waiting for us. Their eyes were glued on us in a mix of wonder, interest, skeptically, and greed. It made my skin crawl, feeling like a specimen under a microscope. I kept my head down, letting my white hair fall around my features, softly brushing my shoulders with each step I took. I simply looked down at the chains around my wrists, noting how the pale flesh began to bruise and purple from the abuse of the harsh metal.

We were all gathered off stage with large men surrounding us, assuring that we didn't try to make a run for it. I glanced up to see Liam's face heavy with stress, his lips turned down and eyes somber.

"We'll be okay," I told him, which must have snapped him out of some kind of mournful stupor as he blinked and looked down at me. The smile that twitched upward at one corner of his lips insisted that he was truly thankful for my words…even if they were a lie. We were to be sold off and impregnated to carry on the human race. It sounds noble when you say "carry on the human race"…but what it really is sex slavery when you take away the fact that the female population is sterile and the human race is facing extinction. I mean, asking never hurt anyone. Why must we be forced to do this against our will?

All around me were sad faces, tearful eyes, grief and defeat. We all looked up when we heard someone onstage announce the beginning of the auction. The beginning of the end of our free lives. One after another, someone was dragged onto the stage with a price placed on them. I could hardly contain my own tears this time around. I was terrified and let them streak my face. Liam tried to console me all up until two brutish men grabbed the both of us and dragged us on stage. Without much control in my own panic and hysteria, I screamed and struggled.

"Quiet!" commanded one of the large men, who then tossed me down onto the floor, dragging Liam down with me.

"Gentlemen! Here we have brothers!" exclaimed the announcer, looking down at us from his podium, the spotlight blinding and giving me a headache. "They look to be of Caucasian origin, note their milk pale skin, snow white hair and violet eyes! Although small, perhaps no taller than five feet, we all know that these hermianthrope are quite sturdily made for child bearing. We'll start them off at five hundred dollars a piece!"

"550 for the smaller one!" was the first call and I shrunk back, looking out past the blaring light at the crowd of people who would dare bid on another person's life.

"550 for the taller one!"

"600 for the taller one!"


"600 for the smaller one!"

"1600 for both!" There was a tangible tenseness in the room at this point as now there weren't anymore single bids.


"1700 just for the smaller one!"

"1700 for the taller one!"

"3000 for both!"


"250,000 for the smaller one." A few people gasped upon hearing this and turned to someone near the back holding up a number 25 card.

"Well! It seems as if things are heating up!" stated the announcer and I shook my head, hiding myself in Liam's shoulder. Liam sat seething, staring at them all in disbelief. Why couldn't they just leave us alone?

"300,000 for the smaller one!"


"4000 for the taller one!"

"100,000 for the taller one!"

"500,000 for the smaller one." Everyone looked back at the number 25 card again, a few very irritated by the man's ability to comfortably hike up the price. I felt like puking for the higher the bid, the more who would attempt to bid on me because of some kind of new found value I seem to have. No one simply bid so much without a reason.


"500, 550!"

"500, 600!"

"500, 650!"

"600, 000!"

"700, 000!"

"1, 000, 000." Some people dropped their cards this time and even the announcer's mouth hung open unintelligibly.

"W-We seem to have the highest bid solely on the smaller brother at 1, 000, 000 dollars!"

Hushed murmurs hummed about the room and I was sobbing, wishing that if this was to happen that at least I would have my big brother with me, but that didn't even seem possible. Why was the world so cruel? Why did I have to lose both my freedom, my body, and my brother?

"Are there anymore bids?"

"2, 000, 000." Everyone's eyes shifted across the room to a card marked number 8, now wondering who this other big spender was.

"3, 000, 000." And the war had begun.

"5, 000, 000."

"10, 000, 000." The whispers in the room were abuzz again, some calling the two men foolish, others glancing up at me and wondering why I would be worth so much.

"20, 000, 000."

"40, 000, 000."

"60, 000, 000."

"80, 000, 000."

"100, 000, 000."

"500, 000, 000."

Silence fell after that. Everyone had been looking back and forth at the two men as they battled it out, wondering who would prove to be either the richest or the most foolish. After number 25's bid, the card number 8 did not rise.

"The bid for the smaller hermianthrope stands at 500, 000, 000 million dollars!" called the announcer, his eyes wide. He too looked down at me wondering what it could be that made me worth so much. Liam only stared at the floor. He was defeated by the reality of it all. He knew he couldn't save me from this. He knew he couldn't save even himself.

"Are there anymore bids?" asked the announcer, however no one would dare attempt to bid any higher. It was hard times and not everyone had that much money to spend in order to further their family line. "500, 000, 000 going once!…Going twice!…" I held my breath, my tears dampening my brother's shirt. "Sold to card number 25!" The gavel was slammed and my fate was sealed.

One of the large men unshackled me and grabbed me around my waste. "NO!" The exclamation shrill and desperate. My fingers clasped tight with my brother's as the man tried to pry me away.

"Illiath!" the horror in my brother's eyes never left me. He was losing me and I was losing him. We had been all we had and now our lives were being torn apart like a photograph.


"Illiath, please!! Please, let him go! He's only sixteen! He's only sixteen, please! Let him go!" Illiath pleaded, trying to keep hold of my hands as he was being dragged along the stage along with me. No one said a word. They simply sat and watched as two brothers lives were ruined right before their eyes. To them, it was all entertainment.

"Liam! LIAM!!" I screamed desperately as one of the large men grabbed my brother and pulled him back, our fingers slipping once, twice, until we were finally pried apart.



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