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Chapter Two

The Servant

I continued to call my brother's name as they dragged me away, kicking and screaming. I tried to bite and scratch my way from their grasp, but it didn't phase them. They paid no mind to my struggle and merely dragged me outside, fingers curling within my hair to yank my head back before a man in a tailor made suit, staring down at my messy, tear stained face. He was a stark contrast from me, with tan, fawn colored skin, sharp crystalline blue eyes, wavy black hair that curled slightly at the nape of his neck, and he towered over me. Another difference was our new roles as of now. He was Master and I was Slave.

Those blue eyes on me made me want to scream. This is the man who bought me for half a billion dollars. This is the man who took my freedom and plans to take my body. His eyes were critical yet passive. His expression was perfectly poker and he managed to hold an air of superiority about him without being smug. Everything about this man was making me angry. Not to mention whoever was pulling on my hair wasn't making my headache any better.

"Let's hope I get what I paid for…" he finally said and my response was spit in his face. Usually I don't do crude, gross things like spitting in people's faces, but this guy was asking for it. He paid good money for it.

I was so pissed when he simply wiped away what dripped from his cheek with that same passive expression and said, "Good. We'll be leaving now." He turned and headed to one of the sleek black cars parked along the gravel and I was dragged to the other, tossed into the backseat roughly and without care. The door was shut and the child lock was secure by the driver who was separated from me by a wall between the front and back seats.

"Let me out!!" I cried, pounding on the wall and windows, trying the doors despite their having been locked. "Liam! I want my brother! Liam!" My futile pleas for my brother fell on deaf ears. No one listened to my pain. Everyone simply ignored my pleas and my cries. Tears meant nothing to them, which is why we try not to shed them. Tears are meaningless.

The car jerked forward and I went flying back into the seat, off to where I would spend my days as a breeding slave, supplying children for my Master's family name. I'll bare children until the day I die. There are stories I've heard about hermianthrope committing suicide to save themselves from such a horrid life, but I don't believe I could ever kill myself. I will have to figure out a way to escape. Then, I can go find my brother and save him as well. I know he tried to save me by stating my age, but he's not that much older than me. We're both too young for this life, and there are unfortunate others who are far younger forced to bear a man's children. The age keeps getting younger because there are not many of us hermianthrope. We are a very small breed and not all of our children have our trait when cross-bred with that of a normal human. Some female have normal, functioning reproductive organs, while the majority are as sterile as the rest of the human population. Some males have the child bearing organs and many don't. There are many variables that can decide the outcome of the children born of a hermianthrope parent and a normal human parent. I want no part of it. I just want my brother back and I want the world to leave us alone. I want the world to be like it once was when everyone ignored our existence.

I screamed until I was hoarse and tired, curled up on the seat having cried myself to sleep. I never noticed when the car stopped or having been moved, but when I woke up I was laying in a large room on a large bed. Wiping my eyes, I saw all the luxuries of what money could buy decorating the room, even myself in this bed. The décor was lavish and filled with rich reds, golds, deep browns, and neutral blacks. I realize that I was sleeping on silk and figured who ever bought me had way too much money on his hands.

However, when I was done checking out the specs, I scrambled out of the bed and made a break for the door, bursting through to run at full speed for any exit in sight. The halls were tiled with marble, my bare feet slapping against them noisily as I passed family portraits, works of art, awards and the likes towards a pair of large, mahogany double doors. I pushed through them with all of my might, hoping this would be the official exit; however, I was horribly mistaken.

"You're finally awake," my new master stated without looking up from whatever it was he was working on splayed out along his desk. I couldn't believe I had run right into this monster's office! I stood there dumbfounded a moment before his cold blue eyes looked up at me and I went running in the other direction as fast as my feet could carry me, hurrying down the grand staircase. I was unlucky to see a very large man dressed in a suit waiting for me at the bottom and he grabbed me up and tossed me over one shoulder without any effort. Sometimes I hate being so small. Four feet eleven and one hundred pounds to be exact.

"Let me go!" I demanded pounding on the man's muscular back with my tiny fists and kicking my legs as hard as possible. This didn't phase him even a little. He simply carried me up the stairs to where my master was standing with his arms folded and that same perfect poker face. I hate that face. I hate that I can't tell what he's thinking.

"Where do you think you're going, hermianthrope?" He asked though his tone suggested it was merely rhetorical. The large guy let me down before my master, though he didn't move to make sure I wouldn't move either. I was cornered. I wish I knew martial arts, then maybe I would have a chance.

"I paid a lot of money for you and I'm going to get my money's worth," my master continued.

"Why?!" I interjected, not caring if I was being rude or not by interrupting him. "Why did you bid so much on me?! I'm no different than any other hermianthrope! I'm actually a horrible candidate! I'm only sixteen and way to small to give birth! Look at me! Why did you buy me?!"

I was close to tears again, wanting nothing more than to just hurt him, to take all of my frustrations about the world on him. I wanted to inflict as much pain onto him as I've felt since the whole thing started. Why does this have to be my life?

His heavy gaze bared its weight down upon me and I just wanted to run so far away that he would never find me. "I bought you because I wanted you. There's nothing more to it," he said simply and I shook my head, eyes wide and hysterical.

"Just let me go," I began to plead, still trying to hold back the tears even though they were streaking down my face and dripping from my chin. "There are others you can have, so please…! I need to go! I need to get my brother!"

He stared at me for a moment before speaking. "You understand that there is a chance you may never see your brother again…"

"No! You're lying! I'll find him!" I shouted defiantly as if to try and shatter his former words, fists clenching before wiping away the wet salt on my face, then repeating myself for good measure. "I'll find him."

"Thank you, Joseph," my master said, addressing the big guy who had been making sure I didn't budge an inch. I felt his presence leave with his footsteps that were far too light for someone his size. He was like a huge body-builder with the footsteps of a ninja. I pegged him as the bodyguard. He was stealthy and strong and fast. He was a killing machine when need be. I would need to be wary of Joseph.

"Penelope!" he called, which was briefly followed by a "yes, sir" from a young woman wearing a French maid's uniform who came bustling out from one of the rooms. She scurried over, her face lighting up when she saw me. She looked around my age and it annoyed me that she had such a big happy smile on her face. Didn't she realize how miserable I was?

"Take the hermianthrope to the bath. He's filthy," my master instructed, looking down at me and my filth. I shook my head, simply not believing any of this was happening. I was separated from my brother and now this. I just couldn't stand this. I have to get out of here before…before…

"Yes, Mastah Orion." The maid girl, Penelope, gave a bow of her head before she grabbed my hand and began to drag me down the hall. Out of force of habit, I began to struggle, trying to yank my hand from her's so that I may turn tail and run, but this girl had an iron grip! My efforts became frustrations and I began to yell at her, but she paid no heed to my struggling until we had well turned the corner and she rounded on me, her large brown eyes void of their former chipper gleam.

"Listen t' me." Her voice was stern and ominous with a heavy British accent, perhaps Yorkshire. "Yeh 'ave to be careful from now on. I know wha' yeh are…Mastah Orion 'as been talkin' about your kind for quite some time now since the death of the mistress of this house. From wha' I know, 'e's paid a good lot for you! As it stands, you're the most priceless thing Mastah Orion owns! You've got great purpose 'ere!"

I believe this was her attempt at trying to calm me down and talk some sense into me, but her 'sense' was shot down by my own, which repeatedly reminded me that I was a slave now. My freedom was sold to a man who intended to use me to give him babies. I felt special in no way. I felt condemned.

"Don' speak a word of it," Penelope said with a hand over my mouth which had opened to voice my retorts. "Yeh 'ave to be takin' a bath now an' it's me own responsibility t' make sure it gets done. Now, I don' know about you, but I'd rathah not make the mastah angry. 'E's not very pleasant, then."

I frowned, not believing he was any pleasant now. In reality, I wanted to push the woman down and run away as fast as possible to break out of this luxurious prison and find my brother so we can escape this hell together. However, the pleading in her eyes had weakened me, if only a little. I could tell she was afraid of getting into trouble, which made me finally realize that what "unpleasant" qualities I know of him now don't compare to those of when he shows his ugly side.

So, I said nothing and let her lead me to the bathroom, which was a large beige marble room trimmed with bronze and decorated with odd stone sculptures like those of figures who were missing arms. Penelope ordered me to strip off my filthy, worn, and tapered rags as she was filling the basin, pouring in soaps and bath salts. I didn't want to admit it, but the steaming, bubble crested water looked more inviting than I had hoped, which made my declutching a bit more willing than I wanted. In fact, when those clothes had crumbled on the floor at my feet, I had felt an actual weight lift from me. The clothes had been weighed down by the dirt it collected, which was a bit sad to say.

When Penelope turned to me after shutting off the tap, I had been standing there awkwardly covering my lower region without much hope of covering the rest of my thin form. There was no mistaking the bruises I had collected from today's activities, especially those around my wrists from the shackles. They contrasted greatly against my pale skin, marks that reminded me of my burdens. Over such marks was dirt, and there was no mistaking that either. I was in much need of a bath.

"In yeh go, deah. You'll be needin' a meal after this, yeh pour thing. Thin as a wee little twig, yeh are! Come, now." Now obviously concerned for my well being, she ushered me into the bath and I gratefully lowered into the hot water and let the bubbles consume me, their scent invading my senses; sweet and soothing vanilla and lavender.

She left me after that, announcing that she was going to go tell the cook to prepare dinner. She didn't leave without first begging that I stay in the bath without a fuss and still be here when she returns. I didn't say anything and she took that as a sign of hope before bustling off. I knew that deep down this was the perfect time to escape since I was now left alone and unguarded, but I was beginning to become afraid for Penelope. If my actions impacted her, then I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if she was hurt because of something I did. Don't get me wrong, I'm no goody-two-shoes, but I'm used to being dependant save for my brother and my actions would only impact me, but now with this woman's well being on the line for one simple task, I felt snagged.

So, I sat in the bath like a good boy and simply relaxed within the hot water and soothing bubbles and bath salts. I even let my eyes drift close, feeling my tense muscles begin to relax and I momentarily forgot about the horror of my current situation. I was left to enjoy something as simple as bathing myself. All was well until I heard the doorknob turn and the door swing open. I had jolted, splashing water about as my heart rate rose, my eyes flying to the door, dreading the thought that the person to walk through that door could be Orion, the man who wanted to violate me for the sake of procreation.

"How are yeh doin'?" asked the sprightly maid as she sweep into the room. I sighed with relief and shook my head, not believing how completely afraid I had become of the man already. My gaze fell to the bubbles at my chin and I concentrated on not crying like how I felt I wanted. Penelope, sympathetic, petted my head and tried to soothe me before she began to wash my hair after I gave her no response. I simply let her bath me, feeling oddly hollow and as if I had shut down. My mind was tinkering with thoughts of escape, but I knew I'd have to be far more crafty than simply making a run for it whenever the feeling struck. I'd have to find the perfect moment and plan this out. There were obstacles in my way and I couldn't simply run through them.

After I was washed, Penelope pulled something of a night down over my head, which really only looked like an oversized button down shirt on me, the hem brushing my shin. She slipped a pair of house slippers onto my feet and then lead me down the hall and stairs towards the dinning room where a large, rectangular red wood table awaited. It was elegantly dressed in cream table clothe, ivory china and shiny silver. Only one plate was present and before I could piece it together, Penelope informed me that the Master wouldn't be joining me for dinner tonight. I was fine with that, in fact, more than fine. The less I see of him, the more stable my sanity.

She left me with my food after I was seated; some kind of curry with beef and vegetables. I wanted to be resilient and rebellious and not partake in any of the luxuries this place throws into my face, but the starving can't refuse a meal, and I began to scarf down the food with the unmatched valor of an animal. My plate was licked clean and before long, Penelope had returned with a big smile on her face.

"Why, yeh were famished! I hope the food was all to your likin' seein' as Cook was very excited t' be makin' the meal for yeh. Yeh could call it 'e's welcome meal t' yeh." She smiled and helped me stand, since I wasn't so inclined to.

"We're all quite happy to 'ave yeh 'ere, though. Been a long time since the mistress passed and the mastah 'as been a fright distant! Given up on his whole family, 'e did! Just poured 'imself in 'e's work. When the mistress was still alive, they wanted a family. They worked on makin' one despite the cruel odds they faced."

I sniffed a grim laugh and Penelope stopped rambling. "Homosepians can't produce on their own anymore…that's why I'm here."

Penelope sighed, not missing my tone or the fact that I completely discredited the master and late mistress' efforts. "Yes, indeed. Tha's why you're here. You're goin' t' 'elp the mastah with 'es lost dream. You're goin' t' help him build a family…Tha' way, the mastah will no longah be lonely."

I sniffed grimly once again and averted my gaze and our walk was made in silence the rest of the way. We soon arrived to the room I had woken in and Penelope had me sit on the bed so that she may remove my slippers.

"This is your room," she told me and offered me a soft smile. "Please, don' look at this in the negative. Yeh now live in a nice home with anything' yeh can ever want! Yeh got servants t' 'elp yeh with your every whim an' all yeh 'ave t' do is grant a wish. All yeh 'ave t' do is give the mastah children. Yeh really are 'is most prized possession."

I looked at her, not having felt comforted or convinced in the least. In fact, I was angry with her words. How dare she say I should be happy about my situation? I could do without all of these luxuries! I didn't want to bare some rich man's bastard children! "I can't have anything I want…I can't have freedom…I can't have my brother…How can I not look at this in the negative?"

Penelope sighed and pat my knee before she stood. "I see there isn't any convince yeh, is there?" She gave a wry smile before she turned and left, shutting the dear neatly behind her. To my dismay, I heard the faint click of a lock and rushed to the door only to realize that there wasn't a doorknob on this side of the door. They must have anticipated my wanting to escape and designed the door this way. Greif stricken, I turned from the door and climbed into the bed and under the blanket and only then did I let myself cry. I bawled like a small child until I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep.

However, before I could get there, I heard the faint click of the deadbolt sliding back. I sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes as I watched the door swing open and my breath stilled completely, my heart clenching as terror claimed my every fiber. He was standing there in all of his malevolence. I could tell at that very moment that he was here for what he paid for. A small part of my hoped this was a nightmare…that all of it was a nightmare…But the better part of me wouldn't let me entertain such fantasies.

This was no nightmare. This was my reality.

Author's Note: I apologize for such a late update! I've really been working on this chapter little by little this whole time and it turned out a bit longer than intended, but I wanted to end it a bit more properly. I promise to work harder on updating! I want you guys to get to know all of the character, even the dearest Master Orion (haha)!

Here's to the hopes that the next chapter is updated soon! Cheers!