It's boring, probably because I don't have any friends. People are scared of me because I'm albino. Even my family is a little scared, that's why I never stayed in a house more than two days. I'm a foster kid and skips around house to house. Other than my suit case filled with my clothes, I have my pet ferret, Dakota, who is also an albino, and my guitar which I play for money. My hair is cut short a little below my neck and my bangs are a little below my eyes so they cover them. That's what scares most people is the color of my eyes.

I was walking to school and as usual, everybody stares at me. I'm glad it's a private school where I don't have to wear a uniform. So I just wear all black because no other color looks good with my hair, eyes or pale skin. I look so much like a boy; the only visible difference is my chest. Even while I was walking into the school everybody stared, I kept my head down. Though I wasn't looking up I could tell I was the only girl wearing skinny jeans, or any jeans at that. My feet lead me to the office where even the teachers in there weren't much help. Finally the principal came in and broke the silence.

"You're the new transfer student, follow me," he said and walked out; I followed close behind only looking at his feet. He was wearing brown dress pants and dark brown leather shoes that looked like they where worn often. The principal lead me to a classroom and went inside, while I waited on the other side of the door, and spoke.

"Today we have an exchange student from London," I wish the teachers and principals at every school I went to stop saying that. They introduced me all the same, but my original parents were from London, I've been here in America for two years."Come in" I opened the door and lightly moved my feet across the floor, everybody gasped including the teacher. "Everybody, this is Luna Avis, be nice to her." That was the last thing he said before leaving me alone with a whole classroom that was already against me. Little did the principal know that the 'be nice' he said was going to turn into just ignoring me. The teacher put me in the back of the classroom, behind everyone. He came up and put a pile of text books on my desk. Nobody said a word to me and the teacher didn't call on me once.

"Miss. Avis, lift up your head, and even though you are allowed to wear what you want you're not allowed to dye your hair pure white," I lift up my head up to see the teacher standing over me and the expression on his old face turning from anger to shock.

"It's not dyed," I said slowly, looking him in the eye; I've learned over the years how to get people off my back and to leave me alone with varies tricks.

"Ok then class dismissed," He projected, a little louder then needed. I knew he was trying to escape my gaze. Everyone got out of their chairs and I looked down at my class list, I have music next. My chair moved a bit as I gathered my books and headed out of the room. The music room was down the hall and the teacher was a bit nicer then the least one. I was still looking at the ground, still avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Class, this is Luna," she said to the others then turned to me, "Do you play an instrument?"

I nodded my head "Guitar."

"Ok sit back there between Alyson and Buck." The teacher said. I walked to the back and took my seat. While the teacher was talking I glanced over to my right to see a girl with natural, long, wavy red hair, she was wearing a tight black dress with fish net leggings and leather boots. To my left was a guy with straight black hair, a black shirt and some pants.

A few more class went by with the same introduction and being placed in the back of the class room. Soon lunch came and I got out of my chair and started walking out of the room. The hallway was crowed with people pushing each other but nobody touched me or even came my way. As soon as I walked into the cafeteria, that had people yelling across the room and full of laughter, it became silent with people talking so low it didn't even count as a whisper. I got in the lunch line and the person behind me was standing three feet away from me. Even the lunch ladies rushed to give me my food. Once I payed, which I got more change back then needed, I walked out of the cafeteria with my food and the room became loud and cheerful again. I walked down to the music room and opened the door, nobody was in here. My feet moved over to an empty desk and set the tray down. I grabbed a cookie and stuck it in my mouth, then walked over to the guitar, picked it up and started playing. The music filled the air as my fingers played each cord. The notes came to me in a perfect melody, encircling me. I was playing an emo-rock song that was pretty fast yet you could still definition the cords from each other.

When the song was over I heard clapping, startled my head shot up and looked toward the door, standing there was Alyson, Buck and a guy I didn't know. They walked in and set their trays down.

"You're pretty good," Alyson said picking up the microphone, "You may look like an angel with your head down but you look like a completely different person with your head up." I didn't say anything; it didn't matter if I did anyway. Buck grabbed the bass and the other guy walked over to the drums. "Play the song you where just playing," Alyson demanded. I started again and then I heard a bass come in with a different melody, then drums going a bit faster. Alyson started singing like an angel's voice, I added more notes. Soon we had a song going, I heard movement outside and glanced over, there where people standing in the opened doorway listening in amazement. Nobody has ever listened or tried to pick up the rhythm to mach mine, this was all new to me. I let the cords fad out to end the song and Alyson ended on a high note.

"Hey would you like to be in our band?" The guy at the drums stood up and walked over to me. He looked like a kid with his short, wavy, blonde hair and a black button up shirt, but the jeans made the cut. "Oh, I'm Slay, you're Luna right?" I gently nodded my head then glanced back at the door. The crowd of people where still there but in front of them all was a girl with a dress that looked very expensive and a guy who had the same hair color as Buck but he wore a white T shirt and some faded jeans.

"No she won't be in your band, I decide that," the girl went on, "bring your animal tomorrow and we'll see just what happens." Ending with that sour tone she turned on her heel and stormed off followed by half of the crowd. I cocked my head sideways just a bit and Alyson caught on surprisingly quick.

"Bring in a small animal tomorrow that is close to you, the whole school does this by determining the type of person you are by your pet." She grabbed her tray and then walked out with Buck on her trail. I set the guitar down and sat in the closest chair. My hand reached over and moved my tray in front of me. I wasn't really hungry so I just nibbled at the pizza that was getting cold. Slay moved in front of me and sat down, talk about an awkward moment. In the end he ended up walking away, guess the quiet was too much for him. Now about tomorrow, this should be a little interesting if not then I'll still be mocked.