Why does this house have to smell like dog poop? I know it has nothing to do with that fact that the guy who tried to kill me is sitting across from me at the rotten kitchen table, but if I focus on him then all the memories that my brain won't allow me to remember will come back. My eyes ducked out of his piercing blue eyes hold and focused on my left hand. It was wrapped in a white cloth even though it barley bleeds after about thirteen years. Last time I looked at it was four years old and it was a scar that was exactly two inches long and stretched from the center of my palm down past my wrist. I don't remember what happened but I know that it involved what happened when I was little, during my second birthday. That cloth hasn't been off in a while and I intend to keep it that way, the memory scares me.

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?" said an annoying voice followed by a shove on my shoulder. I looked up to see Mary and her old wrinkled face, just to get on her nerves I tilted my head to the side ever so slightly and reveled my eyes. I believe that the eyes are the gate way to the soul and dreams guide you when you arrive, that's probably why people are scared of looking into my eyes, because of the horror that's found inside out of everybody's line of vision. Not even a minute after my fire glazed eyes caught her attention did she move to get away from a painless torture.

"Like I was saying, Nick here will be staying here for a while and will be staying in the room that connects to yours, so show him to his room and you will be having dinner with us tonight. Now we are having chicken for dinner and…" she kept going on and I just zoomed out. I focused on what my living nightmare looked like. He had raven black hair with dark blue streaks that hung in his lightning blue eyes. His face was set and emotionless and his body tensed when he caught me gaze.

"ea este întotdeauna aşa?" Nick spoke low and it seemed no one else heard. 'Is she always like this?' It was a general question and even though I knew he was talking about Mary I just decided to play miss nice around my foster parents but get on his last nerve just to have the enjoyment of see a guy, who took a two year old down, broken.

"who sumus tu talking circum loco all ego gnovi canis could ero girl, atquin tu can condomamus si tu deficientia ad" the Latin words danced off my tongue and filled his ears for Nicks didn't look so pleased when I told him that I didn't know who he was talking about and could check the dog to see if it was in fact a girl or boy. Really for all I know Jasper, that poor excuse for a terrier, probably a Chihuahua, could be a girl by the way that it stays to all the male dogs when I'm forced to take him on his walk.

"cuvinte mari pentru o fetiţă'" he hissed through his teeth. So the oh so famous words came out, 'Big words for a little girl.' If I had a penny for every time I heard that I'd be rich.

On the flip side I found out that Nick knows of my past and is one of two that dragged me to my nightmare. He is like me and Devil's adjuvatorium, we know Latin and a language I have yet to figure out and we all have a past that nobody needs to know. He is also quick tempered and sarcasm is a switch that I will use often. Even though I found out some things, there's still a lot of questions I had. Why is he here? How does Mary and Rogar know him? What happened to me when I was younger? Why did he do that to me? Even with all the questions I had I didn't say one of them, I know he's dangerous but I don't know how much of a threat he is, for know I'll just keep annoying him and see his temper explode his head.

Apparently I had to take Nick to his room, which I think Mary had mentioned, not like I was paying her any attention anyway. We didn't talk or make eye contact the whole way up, he just followed behind me like a lost puppy. His head was low and looked at the ground the whole time. I stopped in front of my room and Nick just happened to run into my back, being taller than me I almost fell. I mean almost as in he had hold on one of my arms and caught me before I fell face first into the rotten hard wood floor.

"Careful," Nick said, a British accent slipping between his teeth. That was actually the first time I have heard him speak English to me. I slipped my arm out of his grip and was in my room before he even had time to register what happened. I didn't run, I just slipped away with a grace that robbers used, the silent footsteps and precise movements. My hands pulled my hair back reveling my face and tied my snow white hair into a short ponytail and glanced around my closet. The walk in closet is bigger then the room so I just switched them so you walk into my closet, it's also the room that connects to the guest room, the one Nicks in. In a few steps I walked over, locked the door and walked to the other side of my room. I quickly changed into some random shirt and pants from my dresser and walked out of my closet. Being in a place with no windows is a little depressing but also soothing to think that no one will mess with you and tell you why or how something is done. My feet took me over to my bed and I quickly went to sleep with the thought of a killer in my house, my nightmare followed me into my slumber that night.