The next morning I woke up to Taylor looking at me. "Finally your awake, your mom has been trying to get me to eat something all morning." She sounded ignored and tired. I got up and we both walked down stairs, my mom was ready to leave.

"Good your up, I'm headed down to the store." By then she was already out the door. I headed to the refrigerator and got me a glass of water; it's the only thing that I'll drink. Taylor went and sat on the couch and started watching TV. The door bell rang and Taylor yelled at the top of her lungs,

"Door!" Could she be any louder? I walked over and opened the door, Sarah was standing there.

"Hi, do you want to go to theā€¦mall?" Taylor was behind me then, she was also half asleep. "What is she doing here?" Sarah was mad and Taylor didn't even know, her eyes where closed and I think I heard her snore a little. I wacked the side of her head and she also got mad.

I turned back to Sarah and said it calmly, "She stayed the night." By then Taylor was already back at the couch. I heard a honk of a car and a red convertible came in front of the house. Lance was driving, he was a little older then the rest of us. Next to him was his girlfriend Kate. Ben and Tom were in the back.

"Lets go we don't have all day!" Lance was honking the horn and was yelling.

"Cool it!" Ben yelled backed at him and wacked the back of his head, since he was behind Lance.

"See ya!" Taylor was out of the door and jumped in the back seat.

"Where are you going?" Sarah was still mad.

"I don't know, the mall maybe." I didn't know for sure, and Sarah was ignored.

"I thought we where going?" She was still mad.

"Sorry," I said it so quick I was already in the car next to Ben. Ben knew that Sarah liked him so I don't know what he's thinking and I didn't want to now. He put his arm around me and said hi. It was one of those awkward moments so I just said hi back. Lance drove off and Sarah jumped on the bus and I saw her at the mall. I saw her with Tiffany, oh joy, at the ice cream place across from where we where sitting. Kate and Lance was sitting next to each other then Tom next to Taylor, I was next to Taylor with Ben next to me who was also next to Lance. We where sitting at a round table so there was no more room. Sarah and Tiffany came up to us.

"Do you want some?" Sarah was talking to me and was asking if I wanted any ice cream. She was holding it out in front of my face, the cookie dough ice cream smelt horrible even though it use to be my favorite ice cream.

"No thanks." I looked at Ben who was trying to figure out what Sarah and Tiffany really wanted. Tiffany was looking at Tom who is the quietest and shyest out of all of us even though he was talking to Taylor.

"Are you sure you don't want any?" Sarah still had the ice cream in front of my face, I just pushed it away, "I'm sure." Ben and me got up and walked to the drink place, Sarah and Tiffany followed. We both got a bottle of water and Sarah kept trying to talk to Ben. While Ben went to throw something away and Sarah following him Tiffany asked me something that was so strange.

"Do you think Ben will go out with Sarah?" I didn't know what to say we where both looking at them with Sarah all hyper and Ben looking a bit scared.

"I don't think so; he thinks she's a stalker a little." I just said something, I wasn't thinking.

"Why do you care?" I wanted to give a better answer so she'll forget that last one.

"Sarah won't stop talking about him and she said before you left the house Ben put his arm around you like he was going to kiss you," she said it really fast it was hard to keep up with her, "Are you going out with him?" That question caught me so off guard I didn't know what to say, I knew the answer not the words.

"No." I tried to stay calm but ended up choking on my water; Tiffany was really getting on my nerves. I turned around to pay for my water, which I forgot about until the guy was yelling at me to pay. After I payed for the waters, Ben was walking over to me and then just whispered in my ear, "Can I talk to you?" Before I could even answer he dragged me away.

"What!" I said it a little mean, "Sorry, Tiffany was getting on my nerves." He looked more relived and now he sounded scared.

"Ya, I know what you mean Sarah won't stop talking, I know she likes me but she's also scaring me." For some reason I just started laughing not very loud but then not like a whisper either. I just couldn't help myself so when I looked up Ben had a weird look on his face. As we walked back to the group, Lance, Taylor, Tom and Kate got up and we left.

The whole ride back to my house I was looking out the window not having a care in the world. That all changed when we stopped in front of my house. Everyone is coming in and I have to introduce them to my mom. Oh joy.

I was the first one out of the car and hurried to the steps, in the process I almost tripped but regained my balance. There was a presence behind me so I turned around and everybody was there. Hurry up! Taylor wasn't in the mood to stand around all day, so I opened the door and everybody walked in behind me.

"Mom!" I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. I heard foot steps and she came down the steps. Here I go.