I was completely bored with this. I don't know why I did it. Apathy goes a long way. I suppose it's only 'cause I haven't written in ages.

The Same Old Story

February 2nd, 2011

I'll tell you what I'll do now,
Because I know you're expecting it,
And it won't matter much if I'm frank.
I'm going to paint words,
And try to make them as pretty as I can,
I'll play along with your fancies,
Because that's what everyone likes.

Beautiful sights,
Pretty sounds,
Smiling faces.
Elegant colour and phrase,
Tell me the literary angle that I should take.
It's a metaphor hidden inside the gothic castle windows,
It's a burst of honest colour in a flower,
It's not the rotting slums,
Or the blood that's left permanent marks.
No, of course not.

Next I'll open your eyes wide,
To a world as fragrant and pure as the first spring morning,
As perfect as you could imagine,
But you don't care about that anymore do you?
Let me see, am I boring you with my words?
But of course I am.
Something should happen shouldn't it?
How about, he comes dashing in,
Charming, handsome and without a single flaw,
Because that's the way it often seems.

And he'll save you from that heartless villain,
You'll be his voice, and he'll be your safety net.
That's how it works isn't it?
You'll become almost one,
Living with interchanging hearts
Beating solemnly,
And it's love for the sake of love.
If a lie is a lie is a lie,
Then is love not only love?
Nothing more.

And that's why you fall apart,
No you don't despise him
And no, he was not a liar and a cheater,
You just can't take the change,
Time is not an enemy, but an old friend,
Who forces you to make do.
And so here's the tragic, sad ending,
Enjoy it.
Because in the end, you'll just forget the story.
The truth will be the only thing glaring you in the face,
It's not the enemy, until you remember,
You hate it.
But there's nothing you can do.

And you know what I'll do now?
I'll ask you, how you like it.
Was my masterpiece a suitable lie?
Did you enjoy it?
And since you know what I'm going to do,
I can tell you that you'll only continue on,
In search of another beautiful lie,
That suits the moment right,
And satisfies your minds deception.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming, but that is all.
We'll see you next time, I hope you enjoyed the show.

I'll tell you what you won't do,
You won't be honest, and say that it was absolute garbage.
But I will, I'll stake the chances,
And say that it was utterly horrible.