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Chapter 2

Elias looked down the steps, or more glared. These stupid pink decorations were no doubt a product of Mrs. Torelli's decorating style. This was not his scene. At least he wasn't hideously dressed in that fancy attire they called clothes. He looked at Mrs. Torelli herself in disgust, who was staring openly at him, much like the other stuffy people here.

He was a Goth, and not afraid to admit it. His scene was hanging out with his friends, lounging and not being afraid of making a tiny social faux pas that would make the newspaper the next day. His best friend, Anthony, had dared him to make an appearance. Speaking of newspapers, he could imagine the headline. "Illegitimate Bastard Shows Up At Party." Of course, they couldn't put that word in the newspaper, but would find something just as offensive.

He sauntered down to talk to the only two people he knew: Claire and her mother. He felt uncomfortable, which couldn't be helped. He wasn't a smooth talker like Anthony.

Claire was the good child; the one who always went to her father's parties in an appropriate dress. Elias never showed, and if he did, he wouldn't be caught dead in a tux. Being Daddy's Little Girl was an easy feat for Claire, but for Elias, winning his father's approval was almost impossible; he had long stopped trying.

"Hello, Elias," said Claire in a stifled voice.

"Hi, Claire," he grinned. He knew what this was doing to her. Her perfect reputation, ruined! He could just imagine what she was thinking when she looked scrutinizingly at his clothes. How dare her half brother come down to this party in his Goth clothes, with his horrific manners. He wasn't even fully related!

"Is there a problem, Claire?" he smiled innocently…or as innocently as a Goth could look.

"You know, Elias," said Mrs. Torelli, stepping in hastily. "Don't you think you're a little underdressed for this occasion?"

"Well, no, actually, these are my best clothes," he lied through his teeth. A look of pity crossed Mrs. Torelli's face.

"Well then, darling, I guess we can make an exception. I'm sure we can find you some better clothing, a tux, maybe?" she said amiably, having no idea that for Elias, tux equaled death. Claire snickered at Elias' expression.

"Elias hates tuxes," Claire filled in her mother. "Of course, he would, not being experienced in these things." Things meant so much more than just the tux he didn't want to wear. "These things" represented the rivalry between half siblings for their father's money. Elias wanted it for so much better things than to just buy things with sparkles on it to wear, unlike Claire. Elias would give some to charity, then he would find his mother with a private investigator. If there was enough left after that, he would give some to Anthony, his best friend, who needed it way more than him.

"Oh of course no one can blame him for that," said Mrs. Torelli. Elias hated this whole speaking in code thing just as much as he hated everything about being rich.

"Haven't you people ever acted normal before?" he asked, disgusted. "I know what you're talking about. Just because I don't go to some prep school doesn't mean I'm stupid." With that, he turned on his heel and left, leaving Claire and Mrs. Torelli stupidly watching him go.

He reached the top of the stairs with only two cameras flashing in his face. Yeah, he would totally be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Storming through the halls, he couldn't reach his room before his anger evaporated. This house was so big he couldn't stomp and storm a whole block. "How'd it go?" asked Anthony wryly, lounging on his bed like a model, but he was anything but that. Girls drooled over Anthony in a way Elias would never accomplish, with his blonde, shaggy hair and skinny jeans. Anthony was not a good person, not like Elias, though. Anthony's home life was even more messed up than Elias's. Which was saying something.

"It was horrific," he hissed, sitting down on the chair beside his desk. Oh, great, now he was even talking like them. "I can't believe you made me do that. You will pay."

"Bring it on," Anthony replied challegngingly.

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replied cockily, taking a huge bite of pizza.

"Claire or Ella?" Elias grinned. This question made Anthony choke on his pizza.

Ella was the sluttiest girl that went to their school. Elias knew who Anthony would pick. "Ella," he replied, going for the practically playboy cheerleader instead of the modest, sickeningly sweet girl.

"That's good," Elias replied casually. "Because Claire and I, we had a fling." He looked slyly at Anthony, who choked yet again on the huge bite of pizza he had taken a few seconds ago.

"What?" Anthony yelped. "That's illegal! Why would you do that, man? That's wrong!"

Elias grinned. "It sounds like you're almost jealous."

"I'm not! I just don't believe you! I know how you hate her."

Oh yeah. He was jealous.