You'll never know this, but you saved my life. I've always had doubts about love, about life, and everything in general. You wouldn't let them stay with me anymore. When I had doubts about myself, you always made sure that I knew that I was loved. Even when I had doubts about you, about us, you made sure to tell me that I was perfect for you. You made sure that I knew that there was always something out there for me. There was always a reason to live.

I'll never be able to forget the way I completely left myself vulnerable to you, and you didn't turn me away. You knew my past. I told you all of my scars. You still found me beautiful. You never failed to tell me that you loved me. Even hearing your voice can just change my entire day. We've had our share of arguments. I'm not going to lie and say that there haven't been times when I've just wanted to give up on you. I never did because what I felt meant more to me than something small and silly.

You love me. You taught me that love is real. That is exists. That I can feel love. Despite what has happened to me, you let me know that it didn't matter. I cried when you told me that even if we weren't together anymore, that you would still love me. I still can't believe that would be true, but it means the world to me all the same.

That's why it hurts so much to tell you that I'm failing. Those old feelings don't go away, and when I feel that slice across my arms, it means so much. I try to keep you in my mind. I try to think of you and only you, but my pain often outweighs your love. I don't want to feel like I'm dragging you down anymore. I want you to find somebody that you truly deserve. I don't want to feel like I'm hurting you anymore.

I am so sorry Baby.