I recall we met in passing
a casual way, as strangers only can do
at a party, around two AM
you whispered into my ears
"I have never wanted anybody as bad."
and I could smell the vodka on your breath, but
I still liked it

The way you wore jeans, tighter than mine
and left your shirts to litter our bedroom
wrinkled and disgusting
disarrayed and beautiful.
And the way the sun shone on your eyes
and I saw every color of the sky.

The way that five AM was ours, our time
and the world dared not to interrupt
How you'd gaze over at me
and after nearly a year, whisper
"I have still never wanted anybody as bad."
and you tasted like Baileys & coffee but
I'd still kiss you back

The way the tears sparkled in your eyes like diamonds that day
as you threw the entire deck of cards across the table
scattering everywhere, disorganized
and I couldn't help but stare at the ironed shirt you wore.

And the way you looked at me, helpless and unafraid
and with a squeeze on my shoulder,
and a kiss on my forehead, you whispered into my ears
"It's just never wanted anybody as bad as her."
and your breath smelled of sobriety
so I grabbed my bottle and gave it a kiss.