Eating My Boyfriend

I had caught my boyfriend cheating on me. Again. There was no way I was going to let it slide this time. He had begged with me. He had pleaded with me. But I refused to give in to his big eyes and his pouty lips. No, this time, he was going to get the punishment he deserved the first time I caught him with another girl.

I called him and decided we needed to talk about the future of our relationship. I invited him to my house for dinner and we would talk over dinner about our future together. That's what I told him, but in reality, I had entirely different plans for dinner.

He arrived at my house late, which made me feel even less guilty about what I was about to do. He said he was stuck in traffic, but I saw the lipstick mark on his neck and knew that was a total lie. I knew he had been seeing that bitch again. He would have to pay.

I set up plates and dishes and silverware. I brought out two wine glasses and took out my most expensive bottle of wine. We sat down to eat, but there was no food.

"There's no food here," my boyfriend said. "What's for dinner?"

"Oh, you'll see," I replied. Quick as a flash, I took out the bat I had been hiding under the table and hit him over the head. He was knocked out. I dragged him to my basement for a little fun.

Hours later, he woke up with a headache. That was about to be the least of his problems. He looked around him and he realized that I had tied him up. He tried to break free, but the rope was tied too tight. He was on my basement floor, and I was sitting in a chair next to him with a plate and silverware in my lap.

"You're for dinner," I told him nonchalantly. He started to scream, but I didn't care. I only hoped the neighbors didn't hear him and call for help. Neighbors can be so pesky sometimes. My stomach growled, taking me away from my thoughts about neighbors. I was hungry. It was time to eat.

I started with his balls. His big, juicy balls. They felt so squishy and delicious in my mouth. They were fun to chew on. Taking away his manhood was one of the greatest moments of my life. I will never forget it.

Then I went to his legs. I wanted to eat the parts that wouldn't kill him first to prolong the pain. Then I went to the arms and then parts of the back. His whole body tasted so good. Too bad it wouldn't last.

After I ate his nipples, I knew it was time I finished the job and just kill him. First, I plucked out his eyeballs and ate them. When that didn't kill him, I went for the thing that surely would: his heart. I ripped the flesh off of his chest and tore through his body until I found that beautiful organ. I saw him writhing in pain during his final moments.

"You destroyed my heart, now I'm going to destroy yours." And with those words, I plucked out his heart and gobbled it up. Finally, he was dead. My desire for revenge was satisfied. I was at peace.

Now if I only knew where to hide the body…