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A Little Slice of Heaven

1: Mixing business and pleasure

Tuesday was the worst day ever invented, Jaz was as certain of that as she was the sky was blue. If it was done away with sometime in the near future, she knew that she would be a much happier person. Truly, she doubted anyone would mourn the loss of Tuesday.

For her, Tuesday was an extremely long day. Her classes began bright and early in the morning, going all the way into the afternoon. Once she was free of school, she worked until eleven at night. Work meant being in her car for long stretches of time. Now, she loved having a car, but being in her vehicle was no picnic as far as she was concerned.

Jaz drove a tiny three-door hatchback, which she barely fit in. She was over six feet tall, mostly legs and arms. Often, she compared being in the car to being a jack-in-the-box.

The way that she fit into the automobile seemed to make her favorite target for police when they had "jdlr" moments; basically, she "just didn't look right" when she was driving. She never thought of it as racial profiling, even though she was black at first glance and her brother liked to insist that was why she was pulled over so often. She figured it had more to do with her age and the fact that she always had her seat pushed all the way back. She was always half-lying down when driving because that was how she was most comfortable in the tiny car. Also, she always only had one hand on the wheel, like she was trying to be some sort of badass. It did not help matters that she blared her music, which was mostly rap or heavy metal. Often, she joked that if she were a cop and saw her on the street, she would pull herself over too.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, she noticed the familiar flashing lights behind her, cutting through the nighttime sky like a laser show. A deep sigh escaped her full lips as she shook her head.

"Not again," Jaz muttered, glancing in her rear-view mirror, hardly surprised by the sight of the police cruiser.

This was another reason that she hated Tuesdays. Being pulled over about this time had happened almost every Tuesday for the past couple of months and it was getting old. She eased her car over to the side of the road, glancing at the large three-story mansion a few yards from where she was now parked. The neighborhood was littered with such houses and Jaz often wondered what type of work people did in order to afford living in them.

"I should look into that. Maybe I could double-major in it," she murmured jokingly.

She did not have time to ponder the houses, careers, or majors right now as a uniformed police officer tapped on her window. She lowered the volume of her music before manually rolling the window down; no, her car did not have power windows. Forcing out a smile, she did her best to look cordial toward the officer, but did not succeed. The expression just did not reach her cerulean eyes, dull from lack of sleep. Ah, the life of the crazy college student. She had to make sure she did not yawn while speaking with the officer.

"Good evening, officer. Is there a problem?" Jaz inquired in a very polite tone.

The officer, a young man that Jaz suspected was only a few years older than she was, peered into her car, as if he was looking for something. "'Evening, ma'am," he said with an annoyingly saccharine tone of voice. It was so condescending that he did not need the stupid smile he was wearing, screaming that he was happy for some "action."

Jaz was tempted to not disappoint him in that area. She was not one to back down just because someone thought that he had power and authority. Unfortunately, she had a time limit to keep and she needed to get through his BS as soon as possible.

"We just got some complaints about noise and heard the music coming from your car, thinking that might be it. Where're you headed around here?" he asked, making sure to sound curious. Too bad that haughty look never left his brown eyes, which were enjoying scanning the inside of her car.

"Just delivering a pizza," Jaz answered, motioning to the red bag in her passenger seat, which she was sure his nosy eyes had already seen. She liked to think that the big, lit "Pizza Palace" sign on top of her car answered that question, but she guessed not since the police always asked it when she was stopped in the posh neighborhood. She supposed the cops considered that it could be a ploy for her to use while trying to case a place in the upscale part of town, but she still thought it was silly to ask.

"Would you mind opening the bag?" he inquired, again with that sickeningly sweet tone of his. She wondered if he thought it was cute or he just wanted to make her vomit.

Jaz sighed; this guy certainly was more ambitious than a couple of the other guys that pulled her over. Usually, she could just point out that she had a pizza that she was delivering and agree to turn her music down and that would be good enough for her to be on her way. Better than that was when there were officers that just plain remembered her from other times they had this patrol and did not bother her at all.

"I'll open the bag, but I'm not opening the box. Those things are a bitch to close and I'm not getting my pay docked if the customer doesn't want an open pizza box," Jaz explained, reaching for the bag.

"If I want you to open the box—" the officer started to say, but Jaz was not even trying to hear it.

"You'll go down to Pizza Palace and buy your own. If you think I'm up to something why don't you radio it in, so they can laugh long and hard at you for pulling over the pizza girl that comes through here every goddamn Tuesday at this same time. I promise you, they'll be laughing at you for a while. And then, when Officer Perez and Robinson are back here next week, I'll have a good time telling them about what a dick you are," Jaz informed him. Like hell she was going to go through all of this over a pizza, especially when he did not have right to pull her over in the first place.

"Listen—" he was cut off again.

"To what?" Jaz huffed, opening the bag. She then let out a mock gasp, complete with a wide-eyed stare. "Holy crap, it's a pizza!"

The officer did not think that it was so funny if the grim frown his mouth was set in meant anything. "Open the box," he commanded, his voice not so sweet anymore.

"I'm not opening the box. Like I said, they're hard to close and I doubt you'll be there to stop the person who paid for this for screaming at me because the damn thing is open and cold," she retorted. She closed the bag and set the pizza back where it was before. She and the cop then got into a staring contest, which he lost and it seemed to upset him even more.

"All right, ma'am, get out of the car," he ordered in a hard tone, waving her out with two fingers.

Jaz had to resist the urge to snort and roll her eyes. "Nope. Look, I just want to deliver this pizza. Do you really want to complicate both of our lives with this? I'm just delivering a pizza. You can call Pizza Palace and check with my boss. You can also tip me because I know you're going to blow that one for me since I've got five minutes to get there before the pizza is free," she remarked.

A stony frown conquered the officer's face. "You're one of those smart-ass punks, aren't you?"

"Haven't you noticed that? Look, man, I'm just doing a job. I deliver pizza. Like I said, you can call my boss and check it out. It'll be faster than you and me going back and forth, right?" She was kind enough to not to point out that he was probably a smart-ass punk when he was her age and that was probably why he got into police work. He seemed to like the idea of having power over someone. Hard-ass.

He gritted his teeth together and she could see the tension work through his whole face. A little vein even popped up in his forehead. He then waved her off. "Get out of here and make sure you keep that radio down," he commanded as if he was seriously scolding her.

"Thanks, sir," she said with a drawl that dripped of sarcasm. She took off before he tried to start something else with her. She was tempted to blast her music too, but she was not willing to play around while she was working.

She did turn her music up to what she thought was a decent volume, the bass shook the windows, and she bopped her head while driving. She cut the wheel to the left, turning onto the next street. Blue eyes remained alert, not wanting to miss the house, even though this was a regular Tuesday night delivery. In some distracted moments, she had driven right past the house before, though.

"No one would guess I can actually multi-task if they rode with me when I worked," she joked, wanting to amuse herself.

Recognizing the brown brick pillars and white gate caused her to slow down and pull the car to the sidewalk. Jaz turned the car off and unfastened her seatbelt. She ducked the door as she got out, having learned a long time ago to be careful or she would smack her forehead on the top of the car. Grabbing the pizza with as much care as one might grab a baby, she eased the pie off of the seat and did not bother to lock up her car. The chances of someone doing more than sneering in undisguised disgust at her car in the ritzy neighborhood was astronomical as far as she was concerned.

"I should be worried about someone having it towed or shot," Jaz commented, glancing at her poor car. It was not such a horrible vehicle, getting her from point A to point B as reliably as any other car, it ran well, and did not have any dents. Of course, when compared to the cars in the neighborhood, she might as well have been driving around in a Model T.

Shaking that thought off, she walked up the familiar cobblestone path to the large house and rang the bell. The first time she had visited the place, she thought that a butler or a maid might answer. The image tickled her quite a bit, thinking about the masters of the house having a veggie-lover's pizza served to them while they sat at a massive table in a tuxedo and evening gown. She still entertained the thought, even though she now knew that was not the case.

She strained her ears to hear light footsteps from inside the house coming close to the door. When they stopped, she knew that it would take a few seconds for the door to open. She entertained herself by leaning into the eye-hole that she knew she was being examined through. A startled yelp from behind the door got a chuckle out of her as she imagined the look on the person's face when staring into nothing but a big blue eyeball.

The door slowly creaked open and Jaz put on a semi-professional demeanor. She did not want to blow her tip, after all. She made peanuts as it was already and if gas went up anymore, she was just going to get a bicycle.

The now familiar form of who Jaz guessed was the lady of the house appeared. She was probably a little above average height, but Jaz was not sure what the average height was for women since they all pretty much looked up to her as she was an inch or so over six feet tall. The lady of the house seemed a tad thin and pale. She had shoulder length jet black hair and soulful brown eyes that looked slightly almond-shaped to Jaz. The delivery girl often debated with herself if the woman was Asian or not, but she could never tell. It did not help that the lady sort of always looked up at her through her eyelashes instead of just trying to look her directly in the face. She had decided long ago, though, that the woman was definitely sad. It was just too easy to see in those deep, chocolate eyes, even if she could barely see them.

"Sorry I'm a couple of minutes later than usual. Those boys in blue keep trying to steal your pizza," Jaz remarked with a warm smile that made her eyes seem to sparkle.

The line and expression got a very shy smile out of the woman. It did not get their eyes to meet, though. "I'm sorry if you had any trouble coming here," she apologized in a small voice that did reminded Jaz somewhat of honey. Jaz almost had a dirty thought there, but managed to suppress it.

Jaz waved the apology off. "Nothing worse than when the cops were trying to arrest me in front of the house. I mean, I know you don't get too many folks driving a car like mine around here, but I like to think that the pizza sign gives me away," she commented, jabbing her thumb in the direction of her car.

"I'm sure it's nothing personal. They've been on edge for months because there have been a string of burglaries going on in the neighborhood."

Jaz nodded. "Oh, I didn't know that. I'm glad they had a good reason for it instead of always telling me my music was too loud. Well, your pizza is safe and it's here. I don't know if I'm on time or not, though."

The woman shook her head and waved her hand a little. "Oh, no, it's fine. It's not like I'm in a hurry or anything like that."

The delivery girl smiled, happy to get someone that was polite for once. There were times when people acted like she was delivering gold or guns or something that they needed that very moment. She understood if it were stoners or something, but regular people doing it baffled her. Some people cursed her out when she was just a little late. Of course, if she was in a mood, she would curse right back, but most of the time she just let them shoot their mouths off until they took the pizza off her hands. Thankfully, most people still tipped her, even if they ranted and raved at her for more time than she liked.

"That's cool. So, it's the same price as always…" Jaz said, even though she sort of felt like saying more. Her imagination had been getting the best of her about this woman and she really wanted to settle it.

"All right. Thank you, especially for all of the trouble you go through," the woman said, handing Jaz two twenty-dollar bills. The twenty-five dollar tip always made up for whatever insanity Jaz had to go through when she came into the neighborhood as far as she was concerned.

"No, thank you for always being so generous," Jaz replied as she slid the box into the woman's hands and then shoved the money in her pocket. They both stood there for a half-second of awkwardness when Jaz just decided to let go. "Look, I'm sorry if this is going to seem out of order or anything like that, but I'm really curious about this. For the last couple of months, you order the same thing at the same time on the same day. Why? I mean, if I can ask."

The woman gave another shy smile and glanced up at Jaz through her eyelashes. "It's all right. Well, to be honest, my husband goes out to play cards on Tuesdays if he's not on a business trip and I really don't know what to do with myself. He's been doing it for months and every night after he left, I would try different takeout foods that I knew he would never try. Eventually, I stumbled across your pizza place and figured I would see what all the fuss was about."

Jaz's tan face scrunched up from those words. "Fuss over Pizza Palace or fuss over pizza in general?"

"Pizza in general, believe it or not. The first time you delivered was the first time I had ever had pizza. Well, I guess real pizza anyway," she answered with a small shrug.

Blue eyes went wide for a second. "Wow, you must be sheltered. Just so you know, they sell more than pizza there."

"I'm fine with pizza. It's the one night I know I'll have to myself and can eat something that I want without having to hear complaints about it. Just me, my pizza, and TV…" The woman forced out a smile that Jaz did not buy.

Jaz nodded. "Alone time is always good. Well, I won't keep you from that. Besides, if I take up anymore time, I'll end up fired."

"Oh!" The woman's eyes widened with alarm. "Please, don't let me keep you. I would feel so horrible if you were to be fired."

Jaz flinched a little from how bothered the woman sounded, so she threw on a charming grin. "Hey, it'll be fine. People are typically scared to fire someone taller than they are," she joked.

The words, or maybe just the easygoing expression, got a shy smile from the woman. Jaz's mind eased and she was able to take her leave. Still, the lonely, sorrowful eyes of the woman remained on her mind. I'm gonna do something silly, I just know it. After all, silly was a hobby of hers.


Another Tuesday, another reason to hate the day. A surprise quiz on a reading that she had not done in a class she hated made Jaz just want to drop the class entirely. Who the hell gives a pop quiz the fucking third week of classes? Apparently, her English professor.

"The woman is a sadist! She needs to get laid or something. Does she have nothing better to do than torment us the third damn week of class? She's already got us reading the equivalent of War and Peace whenever she assigns homework and wants a fucking dissertation on every damn book, but now I have to put up with pop quizzes? I thought I left that crap behind in high school," Jaz complained to the air, making sure to keep an eye on the dark road as she drove.

The quiz had soured her attitude, which was already in the toilet because of her other classes. Ending the day on her English class was the worst, though. Her Tuesday was full of required courses with horrible professors, but English was the bane of her existence. She was certain the professor was the Anti-Christ or at least some lesser demon. One day, she was going to bring in some holy water and maybe chant "the power of Christ complies you."

"I doubt going down on that lady would help me pass the class. Why did I do this to myself? I hope this trip to Pepper Hills doesn't involve the cops tonight. I just can't take it right now," she sighed, shaking her head.

She was really sick of people in authority roles, including cops, even if there was a burglar stalking the neighborhood. She did not think that they were doing their job by harassing her if they were supposed to be looking for a burglar. But, it seemed like the police were doing their job because there were no flashing lights and no one said anything about her music. She made it to her destination without a problem for the first time in a long time.

"Thank God for small favors," she mumbled, killing the engine. "Now, with luck, I'll get through this loopy idea without looking like a total maniac... even though, I'm pretty sure that's what I am."

Jaz hopped out of the car, grabbing a plastic bag and a pizza box. She trotted up the walkway, the chattering of the loose change in her pocket echoing through the quiet night. She rang the bell with some difficulty because her hands were full, but she managed and could not help feeling proud of herself. I'm happy I just rang a bell, how underachieving am I?!

The door swung open before Jaz could tease herself any further and the familiar ebony-haired woman answered the door. "Wow, that was fast. I only just called," she said in amazement. Her eyes focused on the box rather than the person holding it.

"Well, since you're such a regular, I was allowed to take the company jet to deliver this one to you," Jaz remarked with a charming grin, which she thought might be wasted since the lady of the house was not looking at her.

The woman chuckled. "I hope you didn't get a ticket or anything. You didn't have to rush over here for my sake. But, that really is incredible. I mean, I only just called about two minutes ago."

Jaz continued to smile, enjoying the woman's somewhat gentle presence. "Actually, I didn't know you called. I'm off tonight, but I thought maybe you could use some company." I knew I was gonna do something silly! I'm a sucker for adorable eyes! Even if I haven't completely seen them, apparently.

Those eyes that she was such a sucker for blinked several times in confusion. A creamy forehead that was slightly obstructed by dark bangs wrinkled, which Jaz also thought was adorable. She snapped out of it when she noticed the woman inching back into her house, probably about to slam the door in Jaz's face.

"Wait! I'm sorry. This seemed like such a good idea in my head, but sometimes I get weird ideas," Jaz quickly explained as the woman paused for a moment. Jaz then started to speak in a rush, wanting to get it all out in case the door was going to be slammed in her face. "Okay, I noticed that you order the same thing every Tuesday and then you told me that your husband plays cards on Tuesday, so I thought that maybe sometimes you get lonely since it never seems like you have anybody over or anything when you get your pizza. And the house is always dark and like you're not expecting anybody to come over. I just thought that it might be nice for you to have someone to share the pizza with just once, but now that I think about it, you probably have friends come over later. I'm really sorry. I'll go now." Sighing, she lowered her head like a chastised puppy.

Mentally, Jaz cursed herself out, pondering what the hell she had been thinking when she came up with this crazy scheme. She slowly turned around, ready to return to her car, and mentally kick herself just a little more. She stopped just shy of a complete about-face.

"Wait, it's okay," the woman said as Jaz turned back around. The woman looked down as she kept talking. "I would appreciate some company…" she admitted in a low tone.

"Then I'm your man!" Jaz declared with a friendly smile. "Uh…lady? Woman? Whatever!"

"Please, come in," the woman said, stepping aside so that Jaz would have enough space to enter.

The delivery girl eased herself into the house and the door was quietly closed behind her. The house was dark and quiet, just like it always seemed when she showed up. In the dim light, she noticed immediately that she was standing in a large foyer and almost whistled, but she caught herself just as she was puckering her lips. She licked her lips to cover up what she was about to do and then noticed her hostess stepping off to the left.

"I watch television in the living room. It's this way," the woman explained, motioning with her hand in the direction that she was going. The way that she moved, Jaz almost expected her to bow when she showed where the living room was.

"Lead the way."

Jaz followed behind her host, taking in the rich room that they had to pass through before they got to the living room. It was massive with a vaulted ceiling that just made it seem to reach the sky to Jaz. She was pretty sure that her whole house could fit into the living room. She could see how a woman that lived in such a place might have never had pizza before; she was probably used to much finer things in life.

"Please, sit anywhere. Let me take the pizza from you…?" the woman paused and squinted a bit as she just remembered something. "I'm sorry. We've never been properly introduced. I'm Georgia Blake."

For the first time, brown eyes met blue. Jaz was dumbstruck for a moment, finally seeing those glorious cocoa eyes to their fullest extent. Now it was perfectly clear to tell that Georgia was Asian...and stunning. Shaking that off, Jaz realized that she needed to introduce herself quickly or things would get awkward before they could do anything fun.

"Jasper Hall. My friends call me Jaz, so please, feel free to call me that." A happy smile followed the name.

A small smile works its way onto Georgia's smooth, pale face. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Jaz. Now, you can sit anywhere, please. I can take the pizza and get plates for us. I also should call Pizza Palace back and cancel my order since you showed up."

"Okay. Good idea, I don't want Mike to know why I was so willing to give him my Tuesday and work his Saturday for him or he'll just bug me the rest of the week," Jaz commented, handing over the pizza box. "Oh, the pizza is half veggie and half hamburger. I thought you might want to try something different, but if not, I'll eat the whole hamburger half without much of a problem," she explained.

"It's fine. I would like to try something new anyway," Georgia assured her guest.

Jaz handed over the bag she was holding as well, which contained a two-liter bottle of soda. Georgia disappeared into another room with the items while Jaz flopped down on the designer sofa. The cushion was so bouncy that her knee almost bashed her nose into her skull when she sat down. In order to avoid killing herself, she slid to the floor, thinking that it would be much safer.

As she settled into her "seat," she noted how soft and plush the carpet was. She came from a home where the carpet in the living room had been there for about ten years, maybe more. Even when it was brand new, she did not recall it feeling like the rug underneath her now. She had to resist the urge to roll around on the floor.

Scanning the room, Jaz felt like she owed Georgia money just for sitting in it. There were three paintings in the room, two classical and one modern that she recognized and knew could put a dent in even the fattest wallet. She was willing to bet that they had been hung up there because of how expensive they were because there was nothing really outstanding or eye-pleasing about them, in her opinion anyway.

"I wonder if Georgia bought those," she mused. Her gut told her that was probably not the case.

The television, which was mounted on the wall in front of her, was as long as she was tall. Every piece of electronic equipment around the entertainment system appeared to be state-of-the-art. Some of the things, she did not even know what they were for. The speakers for surround sound she did recognize and once again she knew that they were expensive.

"It's like a movie theater," she said to herself, eyes wandering over to the next thing.

There were a couple of mahogany tables lining the walls with all sorts of porcelain knickknacks on them, which looked just as expensive as everything else. Jaz would not be surprised if she saw a "do not touch" sign hanging from the tables like in a museum.

"Sorry for making you wait so long," Georgia said as she returned with two plates, each containing a slice of pizza. She placed them down on the coffee table by the couch.

"It's all right. You don't have to keep apologizing to me either," Jaz replied and she turned her attention to the food. "I get the feeling you're not the type to set the pizza box on the table and then we just fend for ourselves, are you?"

Georgia blinked. "Oh… It never occurred to me to do that."

"This way you don't have to keep getting up if you want more pizza. And I promise you, I'll want more pizza. I can eat about half a pie on my own. I doubt you want to get up three more times just because I'm a greedy cow," Jaz remarked and threw on a grin to let her host know it was all right if she wanted to laugh.

Georgia did chuckle a little, but she was polite enough to duck her head while she did it. "I really don't mind," she tried to assure her guest. "Um... you could sit on the sofa, if you want to," she added.

"I'm fine where I am, thank you," the taller woman replied with a gracious smile.

Georgia squinted and her eyes searched the floor, as if trying to understand why Jaz would prefer the floor. Jaz smiled a bit, especially when Georgia eased down next to her. It seemed like Georgia did not know how to sit on the floor, which Jaz thought was cute. She decided that she liked her hostess' shy demeanor, especially her smooth voice and how it lowered when she was being especially coy. The only problem that she had was that Georgia sat almost an arm's length from her, which was quite the distance considering Jaz's arms. She decided not to say anything about since they had just met.

"So, what're we watching?" Jaz inquired, glancing at the TV.

"Well, tonight I have several movies that I've wanted to see, but I haven't gotten the chance yet. I'll show you the stack," Georgia replied, getting up and walking over to the entertainment center. She opened a drawer at the bottom and pulled out five DVDs. As she returned to her sitting place, she noticed Jaz's pizza was gone. Her mouth fell open and she blinked hard in disbelief.

Jaz smirked, as if she was proud. "Hey, I'm a big girl!" she chuckled.

"I'll get you another slice and you can look through the movies. What do you want, meat or veggies?" Georgia asked, smiling a little herself.

"Doesn't really matter. Surprise me."

Georgia nodded and went to the kitchen while Jaz looked through the DVDs. She was not sure what to expect, but saw that the movies were a real mix. There was a comedy, a foreign drama, a romance, and a couple of others that she had never heard of. She was tempted to select the foreign drama to watch, but since she had seen it before, she thought better of it. She talked through movies in the worst way, especially ones that she had seen, and figured it would be distracting to Georgia, especially if she needed to read the subtitles.

"Here you go," Georgia said as she returned with two new slices for Jaz and a tall glass of cola.

"Thanks," Jaz replied as she licked her lips in anticipation of eating another slice. She took a huge bite before turning her attention to her hostess. "How about we watch this one?" she suggested, tapping the case of the comedy.

"I've always wanted to see that one, but no one would watch it with me. My husband thinks that slapstick, madcap humor is low brow," Georgia explained.

"I love slapstick! But, then again, I love a lot of things," Jaz remarked with a bright smile that made Georgia smile too.

"I'm glad. I hope the movie turns out to be good," Georgia said as she took the movie out of the plastic wrapping. She put the DVD into the player and had one of the most enjoyable nights in a long time.


Next time: Jaz and Georgia get to know each other a little better.