"So, this is it, huh?" Jaz inquired, standing back on the sidewalk and taking in the sight of the whole building that had a "sold" in the left display window.

"Yes!" Georgia grinned as she clutched onto Jaz's waist. "This is the bakery that love built!"

"The bakery that love built, huh?" Jaz echoed with an arched eyebrow.

"Yes, my love had the vision, but your love made it happen. Without you, I never would've had the courage to not only leave Allen, but also ask for money in the divorce with the confidence that I would get it. That was amazing," Georgia replied, affection shining brightly in her eyes.

"Hey, I didn't come up with hire a private investigator idea. You had all of that dirt on him. You might as well put it to some use after all he put you through. What I can't understand for the life of me is why a man would cheat on you at all!" Jaz scratched her head. "That's just the one thing I will never be able to get."

"Not everyone loves me like you do, Jazzy," Georgia pointed out.

"Just proves the man's an idiot. But, I guess we can somewhat thank him for this beautiful little shop. What's this beautiful little shop called anyway?"

A smile lit up Georgia's face. "Love."

Jaz rubbed the bridge of her nose as her forehead wrinkled. "The bakery is called 'love'?"

"Yes, it is and don't make fun of the name," Georgia warned, causing Jaz to throw up her hands in surrender. "Everything in this place will be made with love and it represents several forms of love," the older woman explained. "I'm also hoping to specialize in making romantic confections and everyone will think of my little shop when they want to do something for a lover."

Jaz nodded and then went into a bag that she had. She pulled out her sketchbook and flipped to the back. She then showed Georgia the picture of an adorable little character with caramel skin, blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair who was holding a cake.

"And who's that?" Georgia asked.

"This is Love. A cake fairy of sorts. She goes with that other character I made for you," Jaz informed her girlfriend.

"That other character?" Georgia parroted as if she had no clue what her lover meant, but she knew just who Jaz was talking about. It was the character that looked like a kiddie version of her. "And what's 'other character's' name?"

"That's up to you. I gave her to you, so you have to name her."

Georgia smiled. "She can be Sweetie the baker to go along with Love. Do you think you could draw them on the front windows and somewhere inside the bakery too?" she requested.

"I can do this thing you ask, my love!" Jaz replied with a goofy grin.

"It won't get in the way of your internship, will it?"

"Heck, no! Babe, I'm here for you first and foremost," Jaz declared. "I want your shop to be a success and if that means taking time out of my life to draw my miserable, wretched little characters on your shop's windows and walls, as much as it pains me, I will do it," she insisted, purposely being overly dramatic.

Georgia laughed. "I just want to be sure. I don't want you endangering your internship after having to beg for it this summer. So, please, baby, take it easy."

Jaz laughed and then leaned down, embracing the smaller woman and pressing herself cheek-to-cheek with Georgia. "I'll take it easy later. Show me the inside of this beautiful bakery and then we can find some place for me to tear your clothes off, so we can christen it," she purred, nipping at Georgia's ear.

"Oh, such promises. I better show you the inside quick then. We don't have a lot of time since you did promise to meet your friends for a rousing game of mini-golf," Georgia teased a bit as she led Jaz into the establishment.

"Don't knock it just because you're not good at it," Jaz replied, smiling against her lover's face. She then looked around the soon-to-be bakery and nodded her approval. "Needs some cleaning and painting and junk like that, but this is a good little shop. I don't think I'd feel right getting your good clothes all dusty, though, so how about I take you home and tear your clothes off?" she suggested before kissing Georgia's cheek.

"What about mini-golf?"

"Trust me, there are a lot of things much more rousing than mini-golf," Jaz commented, rocking her hips against Georgia's backside. "Ripping your clothes off is definitely one of them, just in case you didn't know."

A blush shot up Georgia's face all the way to her ears. "I think we should look around a bit more. I want to show you the whole thing. And, please, stop commenting on what you'd like to do to my clothes. I don't think my body can withstand anymore blood rushing to my head."

An easy-going grin appeared on Jaz's face. "Aw, Georgie, you know I love you and I do these things out of love."

There was a laugh. "I love you too, but I think you do these things to make fun of me," she replied. The words "I love you" came so freely between them, she noted sometime ago. It had taken Jaz months to work up the courage to say them again to her as she used to, but when Georgia responded in kind that opened Jaz up. Not a day went by when they did not tell each other how they felt. It made Jaz's friends sick, or so they claimed.

Georgia had yet to tell her friends that she was in a relationship. It had nothing to do with hiding. She just had not spoken to them at length since she made moves to acquire a space for her business. She supposed it would be a long time coming before she touched bases with them again. But, there were brief conversations, less than a minute to check in on each other. Once everything was settled, she would tell them.

Her parents were another matter entirely. She was not sure how to tell them that she was in a relationship with Jaz. Oddly enough, Jaz seemed to understand her on that, even though Jaz had told her so many times in the past that she did not want to live in someone's closet. The amazon did understand that coming out to one's family was a huge thing and she stood by Georgia's decision to wait until she felt totally comfortable with it, especially since Georgia was not sure how her parents would react. As much as she wanted to believe that they would understand, she feared that they would not like or support her decision.

"I can't wait to tell everyone about this place. I'll have everyone buying cakes from my fantastic girlfriend and you'll make a ton of money and I can just be a lazy artist!" Jaz joked.

Georgia swatted at her. "Oh, please, the second I try to buy you as much as a pencil, you'll have fits."

A lop-sided grin overtook Jaz's face. "You're right about that. Although, I do think my attitude toward gifts has changed somewhat."

"I'm glad you don't feel I'm trying to buy you anymore. Of course, that wasn't the case before either, but I was trying to keep you with me with gifts. Now, I know you're here, but I like to spoil you just a little anyway," Georgia explained with a smile.

"I'll take a little spoiling every now and then. Just not too much. So, come on, show me the rest of this place."

Georgia nodded and smiled as she showed off the rest of the building to Jaz. The place was purchased with money that she got out of her divorce with Allen. At first, he seemed ready to drag things on, but when she started pulling out his secrets, he seemed more than eager to go their separate ways. She considered he probably had even more money than what she knew about and did not want to chance her getting anymore than what she asked for. She had wondered briefly just how mendacious Allen had grown since she met him, but decided that she did not care as long as he was out of her life forever after the divorce.

Honestly, all she wanted from him was enough money to start her bakery because he wasted so many years of her life that she could have used to form the business on her own. Everything else, she would earn on her own—with Jaz by her side. She had gotten more than enough to start her bakery and Jaz was there, so life was good. Best of all, Allen did not seem to want anything to do with her anymore, so she truly did not have to worry about him.

"So, this is everything?" Jaz asked as they made their way back to the front of the building.

"It is everything. Now, I do believe you said something about taking me home and… I forget the last part. I know it had something to do with my clothes," Georgia remarked.

Jaz laughed and took her woman by the hand, leading Georgia out to her car. She found Georgia much more lighthearted and agreeable since they got back together. Georgia was a whole new woman when free. She finally felt like her love was not wasted and she felt good about it. Georgia made her feel good and happy, most of the time.

Like any other couple, they had their moments. They had arguments, but not over silly things like before. Georgia even gave Jaz space to let her sort out of her emotions before they settled their debates. Jaz no longer employed the total silent treatment to punish Georgia and opened up about things that bothered her. Best of all, they both took steps toward each other, instead of Jaz always coming to Georgia. They were learning from their mistakes. They were growing.


Georgia missed the lock twice with her key as she tried to open the door. Jaz's hands were driving her to distraction, gripping her hips and working their way underneath her shirt to caress her bare belly. Once a moan escaped her lips, she knew that she needed to get them into the apartment or they would give all of her neighbors a show.

"Oh, god…" Georgia groaned as she pushed the door open and Jaz practically shoved her inside. The younger woman kicked the door shut behind her, thankful that it locked on its own when it was shut.

Jaz then made quick work of Georgia's shirt. The older woman did not have time to consider that Jaz probably ripped the buttons off of her shirt because a hot, demanding mouth seemed to be devouring her neck and shoulders. Epicurean hands seemed to be everywhere on her torso, causing her whimper and moan loudly, echoing through the rooms.

"Jazzy… bed…" Georgia requested in a breath.

"Later," Jaz promised before she began nibbling on every bit of Georgia that her mouth could reach.

The cry of pleasure let Jaz know that she would not hear anymore talk of a bed for the moment. Instead of the bed, she pressed Georgia against the closest wall, knowing that Georgia was going to need the extra support. Slender arms went around Jaz's neck, so Georgia obviously knew that she definitely would need help staying on her feet.

"Kiss me," the pale woman requested in a whisper.

Jaz did not need to be asked twice and her mouth found Georgia's. The kiss that they shared seemed like they were trying to drink each other in to ensure their survival. Busy hands drifted upward, taking Georgia's skirt with them.

"You feel so good," Georgia hissed, pulling her lover closer to her, wanting to be impossibly close.

"You do too. You're wonderful. Oh, so wonderful," Jaz replied, kissing Georgia's cheek while trying to maneuver her fingers around what had to be the most annoying pair of panties in the history of the world because they kept moving back into place. "Damn it, Georgie, you can't wear underwear anymore with skirts."

Before Georgia could respond, Jaz found success in so many ways; the most important being able to bury her fingers in all that was her girlfriend. Georgia let out a high pitch wail that turned into a long purr as Jaz began to turn her inside out. She was always certain that Jaz reduced her to a puddle at times like this.

"You feel so hot and soft," Jaz whispered, kissing Georgia on the cheek as she moved within the smaller woman. Sometimes, she wished that she could just crawl into Georgia and never leave. "Being with you like this paradise," Jaz continued, adjusting her hand to go deeper, as if she was trying to massage Georgia's heart.

"Jazzy, more," Georgia begged, moving her leg onto her girlfriend's hip and pulling Jaz closer, deeper.

"More?" Jaz echoed in a delightfully mischievous voice. It was not a tease and Georgia shuddered, knowing what absolute heaven was going to come next… before she did anyway.

Slowly, Jaz began moving down Georgia's body, halting first to play with satin-covered treasures. A whine of a moan convinced Jaz not to stay with the twin jewels for long and she carved a path down Georgia's stomach with her tongue. Moving the leg that had been on her hip to over her shoulder, Jaz's mouth joined her questing digits while Georgia's hands gripped her head for dear life.

"Oh, god, sweetheart, your tongue…" Georgia groaned, unable to finish that dirty thought. She knew that Jaz liked it when she talked, but damn it, Jaz should not make it so hard to remember how to talk!

Jaz smirked to herself and put her tongue to good use, tasting every inch of Georgia's soul. The grip on her head tightened and Georgia screamed, pulsing around Jaz's fingers. Jaz could feel the older woman sliding down the wall and steadied Georgia against her.

"Oh, god, Jazzy…" Georgia muttered. Sometimes, it seemed like that was all she could say post-coitus.

"We're not done yet, Georgie-girl," Jaz commented, still wearing that delightfully impish grin.

Before Georgia could properly respond, her bra was yanked off and her skirt followed. She was pretty sure that she would never be able to wear those panties again either… if she could find them. "Oh, god, Jazzy…"


The couple finally made it to the bedroom. It was a good thing that they knew the place by heart because they had kissed and backed up the whole way to the room with Georgia yanking off Jaz's tee-shirt. Jaz took care of her own pants, but was so distracted that she did not realize when they made it to the bed. It was not until Georgia shoved her down did she figure out exactly where they were.

Jaz reached out for Georgia, planning to yank her down on the bed. Georgia saw the move coming and stepped out of the way. She shook a finger at Jaz.

"No, you've done all the touching you will for the rest of the night. It's my turn now. So, move to the middle of the bed," Georgia commanded.

The order and voice sent a shiver down Jaz's back. She loved Georgia's newly restored self-confidence, especially now. Obeying, she moved to the center of the bed and watched as Georgia crawled up her body like a graceful cat.

"It seems you've captured me," Jaz joked with a smile.

"Oh, whatever shall I do with you then?" Georgia pretended to ponder the matter. "I think devouring you bit by bit would be a suitable punishment."

Jaz did not argue and Georgia proceeded to do just as she said she would. It started with small nibbles and licks to Jaz's chin, going down her neck. Her hands immediately went to her favorite places on Jaz's body. While Jaz was forever fascinated with Georgia's ass, Georgia let loose enough to find that she was very much a breast woman. While Jaz was not well-endowed, she had enough for Georgia to find hours of entertainment with them.

"Will bite marks be included?" Jaz taunted her lover.

Georgia responded to that by grazing Jaz with her teeth as she dragged her mouth to one lovely mound. Tongue and teeth engulfed the caramel hill and then latched onto the peak. A strangled noise escaped Jaz as she arched into the touch, wrapping her long arms around Georgia to press her closer.

"Are those marks good enough or do you want more?" Georgia inquired, knowing that she would probably mark more of Jaz's body anyway. They were both very much into leaving evidence behind now.

"I dunno," Jaz breathed. "You might want to make it even."

Georgia quickly obliged while her hand snaked its way lower on Jaz's anatomy. Slender hips lifted as a pale hand settled into between soaked thighs. Another almost feral noise escaped Jaz as Georgia pleasured her from top to bottom.

"You like that, don't you, sweetheart?" Georgia whispered before putting her mouth to better use by keeping a dark nipple company.

"You know I do!" Jaz groaned, moving to keep up with her lover's hand. "You're so damn good, Georgie. So good!" The last declaration came out with a wild cry as her hips moved frenetically against Georgia, who curled her fingers to hit Jaz's favorite spot.

Pure ecstasy shot through Jaz so strongly that she almost bucked Georgia off of her as colors and lights blinded her senses. The older woman did not have to worry too much about that, though, because Jaz also embraced Georgia as if holding on for dear life. Georgia could not help but feel confidence beam in her from eliciting such a powerful response in her lover.

"Wow," was all Jaz could say once she could speak again.


"Why did I think you were kidding about tearing my clothes off?" Georgia wondered aloud as she snuggled closer to Jaz. They were lying in Georgia's bed; she had recently gone out and brought a queen-sized bed because Jaz's feet dangled off of her full-sized one.

"I dunno. Don't I always do what I say I'm going to do?" Jaz asked with a cocky grin, wrapping her arms around Georgia's nude form.

"Most of the time, yes. I still can't get you to take out the garbage when you say you will, though."

Jaz groaned. "I should've known you'd bring up the garbage. You sound like my mother."

"She can't get you to take the garbage out either? Now, I feel better. If Maggie can't get you to do it, then it must not be able to be done," Georgia remarked.

"I'm shocked she didn't tell you considering how buddy-buddy you two are now," Jaz commented. A month after reestablishing her relationship with Georgia, she had brought the bashful woman over to meet her family. The reception was awkward and tense, but Jaz did not give up. She brought Georgia home almost four times a week until she seemed like a fixture there. Now, her mother and her girlfriend were friends, having lunch together, going shopping together, and nagging her about the garbage both at home and at Georgia's condo. It worked out well, though, since her mother no longer called her in the middle of the night as long as she made it clear that she was staying with Georgia.

"Speaking of Maggie, she invited me to dinner tomorrow. Do you mind?"

"Georgie-girl, you know I never mind. I guess we won't be going to that Indian restaurant, though."

"We can always reschedule that. We should invite your family. I'm sure Flint would love it. We should probably invite your friends too since I know how upset they'll be with me for keeping you yet again."

A light chuckle escaped Jaz. "You just want to see me, Flint, and Cocoa try to out eat each other and then burn our stomachs out." She knew her friends probably would not be upset that she missed the mini-golf game, but they would appreciate Georgia's peace offering and apology dinner.

"Never. I like this stomach too much," Georgia commented with a smile, reaching out and stroking the aforementioned body part. "Does it bother you that I would want to invite your family out?"

"Of course I don't mind. I really like that you like my family. I'm glad my family adores you and want you to come around. This is how I imagined our relationship would be, you know? This is how I wanted it to be."

"This is great. I wish we could have done it sooner. But, at least it's here now. I'm never going to let go," Georgia declared, holding onto her lover just a little tighter.

"Me neither. I love you," Jaz said before leaning down to give her girlfriend a kiss. They both smiled when they broke for air.

"I love you too."


The end.

Thank you to everyone that read this story. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm returning to my padded cell now, but I'll be back in a little while. Take care. Hasta...