A Midwinters Dream

Meet me in a place without requirement
in the middle of an ice laden bridge
where there isn't a thought of crossing
where we simply exist,

with a wilderness asleep before us,
her vivid dreaming apparent
in the glittering of frost covered trees,
in the depth of a frozen lake
suspended below us--its waters
hidden and chaste--

while the sky above hastens hushed
and pink
with a spreading morning
that the intimate clouds can't quite suppress
through a screen of white, soft falling
its quick touch cold
upon our wet faces.

Only then will we take note
of the brightness
in each other's eyes.

Meet me in a place without requirement,
where we can catch--and see our breath--
where i can hold your hand and be humbled
at how it's all sacred and blessed.

~Inspired in part by the photo "Crossing" by Tom Eikrem found at /photo/30552/
also inspired by being terribly overwhelmed.