Inner emotion

I cannot contain

They flow so gently

As the tears on my face

Concentration impossible

Realization too strong

I can no longer find the strength

To keep holding on

I'm slowly breaking down

Emotion to emotion

And I can't seem to bear

Whatever it was

That shattered inside

I know for a fact

I overcomplicate


I simply can't help it

It's the way I was born

With emotions to strong

For this one heart to bear

The warm water runs

From my eyes to my chin

Can no one forgive

This one who has sinned


Over thought

I stress over the little things

My brain has sought

I'm foolish and young

But we all start out as one

I'm tired and restless

Somehow can't help this

I'm through with the torment

I just want to rest

Forget of this story

As it is told and

Quiet pointless

I'm done with attempting

For I know now

That is hopeless

I've tried myself out

Of attempts to reprieve

Mistakes I have made

Ignore them

My tears

As they will soon wash a way

Though my skin may appear dry

It is my heart this is still soiled

But don't fret

My dear readers

For if I did not

Come to write this all out

Who know what would came

To become of this poor author

Wet along her checks

Who's pulled by emotions

Too strong to keep

I write this all down

So I can see it before me

To see what has become

Of this childish writer

How has it come all

All the way down to this

I cannot say

For it's a time filled moment

I struggle to keep on

To keep down this torment

I'm going to be fine

So turn away your heads

I'll be fine so long

As I'm not left alone

Who knows what would happen

If I was left alone

In an empty house

With nothing but horrors

That lie far too deep

What horrors could do

To one so pleasant mind

Horrors of such

And then this is goodbye