Author's Note: So this will be the last time I will post on Fictionpress *tears!* so it will be the last time I say, read, review and enjoy!

The Missing Copyrights

One day an authoress named Flawless Storm was exploring an unfamiliar land named Live Journal. The authoress was far away from her home, Fiction Press. As she was exploring the teeming streets of Live Journal, she saw an acquaintance from Fiction Press talking to another stranger. The acquaintance was sad that people were leaving Fiction Press since their copyrights were being snatched away.

Copyrights being snatched away? Flawless Storm hoped this wasn't so. She had several stories back in Fiction Press and how distressing if she had lost her copyrights to those stories! So she rushed back home and checked in on A Relationship, and then ran to Blood-Streaked. My God, it was true! The copyrights were missing. They had stolen her copyrights, snatched them away so fast she hadn't even noticed they were gone.

She sobbed bitterly. How dare they take away her copyrights! She gathered Blood-Streaked, A Relationship and all her other stories and ran off to Live Journal where she had bought a home(page) she called f_storm. All her stories (with their copyrights) were comfortably placed in their new home, f_storm.

So, dear readers, I have realized Fictionpress has removed the copyrights to all pieces of writing on their site. I am told that "Copyright protection in Canada does not require any marking of the work; however, to obtain maximum international protection it is recommended that the work be marked with the international copyright symbol ©, the date of first publication (or date of creation for an unpublished work) and the name of the copyright owner, thus: "© 1993, Mary Smith" …" (IPIC)." Fictionpress no longer marks the work with the international copyright symbol and thus it is time to leave Fictionpress. *breaks downs into tears* I had opened an account on Live Journal, f_storm... I wonder what the 'f' stands for? Hmm... And so it pains this to say but within the next few days my stories will be taken off this site, and put on Live Journal. I will leave my account active and place a similar notice on my author's page. If Fictionpress brings back the copyrights, I may come back. I bid you all, adieu. Flawless Storm aka f_storm aka Sandy.