Sometimes I wish I was perfect

I wish I was that guy that everyone loved

I wish I was rich

I wish I was successful

I wish I was just plain dumb

I find it easier to be so oblivious

so emotional

so detached

to be deceived

to be unfaithful

to be unchangeable

to be forever lost

Sometimes I wish I could travel back into time

so that I could change things I've said

change things I've done

change things that've happened

I wish I was strong

I wish I was careful

I wish I was creative

I wish I could find a lord

I wish I was real

I wish I could do things that won't be ignored.

I wish I could be confused

I wish I could find a response

I want to find things that aren't lost

to write a voice

to kill death

to read your anger

to feed your chest with sobs of joy

I wish I could dream

I wish I could see

I wish I could honor everything

Because I feel your voice

I feel your anger

I see your care

I hear your pain

But something tells me

things aren't over

things aren't over

things will never be.