A Dream was born


A Dream was born

Within my Soul

And grew new wings of Hope

It flew steadfast to my Heart

Aiming for my lips to speak its birth

But met a wall of Fear


Though my Heart and Soul rejoiced

For such a daring birth

My Mind, knowing only Logic form

Strengthened up It's shield


The War was bloody

And saw no light

Causing my Dream to lose a wing

Yet still It fought against my Fear


Logic, with its crumbling walls

Cried out in vain

"Why raise Your arms for such a cause"

And continued to demean my Dream

Yet still my Dream refused to bow


Through many nights of strife

And forlorn days

Did I sit huddled, like a child

Watching her parents rage


Each had taken heavy tolls

For which I could not bare

Until, too soon, I called my Voice

To end the war of pain


My Dream, left only with one feather

It's last remaining Hope

Begged me not to let it go

Logic, with It's battered walls

Begged me to see It's truth


So to keep both safe

I compromised with a deal

To Dream I said

"I'll lock you safe, without a Key"

Forever It will remain until Eternity

To logic, now, I spoke It's Lie

And saw It's walls no more

Okay so this really has no rhyme scheme, just me free writing. I wrote it during calculous when I should have been doing, well calculous, because of his bad attempts to teach math that I already know were boring me. Besides it was his fault for giving me a back window seat, how am I not supposed to gaze outside when the sky is such an easy distraction. Yea so comment and tell me what you think :)