The Psychic Man's Pie

The psychic man, how oh so queer

Was very afraid, he knew death was near

He knew just how, oh, how he would die

He would be poisoned, sadly, by a pie

His girlfriend would tell him "shut up, ya aint psychic!"

"Oh yeah, I just need a side kick!"

He bought a cape and mask and hid them under his bed

He was still afraid of how he would be dead

So he made a plan, to destroy all pie

His girlfriend told him to stop "F-Y-I"

His girlfriend said "People will just make more!"

"It shall not happen, Pie will end up in a morgue!"

He went to the pie factory

People wouldn't, pie wasn't mandatory

His psychic powers told him there were no guards

So he ran, unafraid, without regard

"So the guards were there." He thought being tackled.

"This makes no sense, it was foretold." He rattled

So he escaped and ran to the pie

A case of it fell on his head, he died

This was originally for my ELA class, but I figured I'd post it for comedy, though I realize it isn't very funny. R and R, or don't, this poem is nothing serious.