"I'm like an elephant tied to a pole since birth with just a piece of rope; but now I'm older, the rope can be easily breaken, yet my consciousness tells me I can't still."

Mia. Yes, that's her name. She just turned 15 today. It was her birthday. And she had to take her first customer. In bed.

Mia stood looking at the windows, the wind blew the curtains, over and over. The chilly wind blew over her, and she shivered. It was the 6th of March, and it was her birthday. She longed to celebrate the day with her boyfriend San, but she could not. Her father is a drunken fool, and a casino fool on top of that. The debt he owned had dragged the rest of the family down with him.

Sometimes Mia wish she was born elsewhere. Anywhere but in this place, call China. If she was born elsewhere, this wouldn't had happened. Her father wouldn't have sold her to this terrible place. He wouldn't be able to. She was sold for 50,000 chinese dollars, and it would cover the debt her father had owned.

Mia thought back to the day, the day her father had proposed to the whole family, the debt he had owned. Everyone was shocked, not least Mia. Mia remembered the men that had came in their home right before her father had admited everything. Her father admited that he had sold Mia to the men and ordered Mia to go with them quietly.

Mia cried, and begged her father to change his mind, but he said that it was all too late. He could not change his mind now. The deal was made, and there was nothing that he could do anymore. The men had binded Mia with ropes, stuff her mouth with a rag, and put her into a large duffle bag, when she resisted.

Her mother cried, and attempted to fight the men, but her father held her down, and told her to be quiet. The men had slung Mia over their back, and threw her into the back of a truck, and they drove off.

When they arrived at their destination, the men took off the duffle bag, and leaded Mia, with the rope still on, and a rag in her mouth, into the House of the Prositutes. Mia was presented to an old ugly women, and she took it from there. She introduced herself as Ajrid, as the mother of the house.

She told Mia, that if she wants to avoid punishment, she must do what they tell her to do. If not, Mia would be torture until she concede to do what they want her to do, or die. She told Mia, that it isn't really that bad, that all she must do is entertain her customers, with her body, her wits, and cash will come in quickly enough.

She even gave Mia a false hope. That if one day, someone shall see her comely, entertaining enough, and that if they were to buy her, she will gain her freedom. Or if she were to accumulate enough cash over the year, she can buy her own freedom out. The old women then dismissed her, and told her to go to the second first, and go meet the other women.

The women all looked at Mia with disgust when she first walked in the room, timidly, and hesitantly. The women all had sullen looks, and many had those eyes. The eyes that tells of the things they saw, and the things they went through. No one greeted Mia when she sat down slowly in a corner of the floor.

One of the women gestured to a bunk at the end of the floor with her head, and told Mia that's where she'll be sleeping.

Mia smiled weakly, and thanked the women. The women gave her a nasty look, and turned away. Mia was a little surprise at the way the women reacted but she kept it to herself. The rest of the day passed like this, and Ajrid came to visit Mia at dawn. She told Mia that since this is her first day, they'll give her a break, and she did not have to take in any customers, but starting from tomorrow, she will have to work hard to earn her keep.

Mia did not really know anything yet about what exactly she had to do, but she nodded, and said she will do her best. Ajrid grinned, and patted Mia's shoulder slightly. Then she lefted, and Mia went back to staring at her surroundings.

Tomorrow would be her birthday. Tomorrow she would have to take in her first customer. Oh, if only she knew. If only.

Okay, first of all, I will like to thank you for taking your time to read this. I'm glad. Really. Also, The next chapter will slowly develope into a M so be aware of that. I was first inspired into writing this, when I thought of the House of Prostitutes, and how much women had suffered in it. How much women was unwilling to serve in it, but forced to.

Anyway, on a happy note, thanks again, and happy readings! ;P