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After she was tortured, Mia was brought back upstairs by one of the guard, and threw harshly on the wooden floor. Mia yelped when her sides hit the ground. The guard snickered. "If you're not so bloody right now, I would so do you."

Mia just glared at him.

After a while, the guard shrugged and left the room.

The room was empty except for Mia.

All the other girls was doing their own jobs, so no one came to comfort, or tease Mia. Mia dragged herself off the wooden floor and slowly laid herself on her bed. What could she do? Mia buried her head into her pillow and started crying. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was nothing she could do.


Later that night the girls showed up and crowded themselves around Mia.

Delphia made sure she was the first one to speak. "Mia, are you alright, honey?"

Mia nodded weakly, and tried to smile, but it looked more like a grimace.

"Mia, he didn't do anything really bad, other than whipping you right?" Mitty looked concerned.

"Shut up, Mitty. You KNOW what he DID." Dephia retorted.

"That's not what I meant, you ass." Mitty pushed Delphia aside roughly, and sat down on the edge of Mia's bed. "Mia, tell us what happen."

Mia told them everything that happened.

After she finish, they went ballistic.

"That son of a-"

"Wait until I get my hands-"

"He should go and-"

Mia hold up her hands and smiled weakly. "Stop guys. There's nothing we can do."

"Oh, but there IS something we can do."

Mia looked over to the source, and her eyes fell upon a scrawny, cute girl with jeans, semi-ripped blue T-shirt, and a determined look in her eyes. Her long, shiny, black hair fell almost completely to her hips, and when she smiled, her dimples show. She was barefoot, and Mia noticed a skinny ring on her left hand, middle finger.

"Who are you?"

"Alaska." The girl picked at her ring, and smiled again. "And I can help you escape this place."

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