She was as elusive as a black panther in the dark. She only appeared right before the catch. If one was lucky, one could see her walking down the streets of downtown alone before a strike. She was flawless in everything from appearance to the simple stride of her heels clicking on the sidewalk up to the club. Everyone knew who she was, and yet didn't know her at all. This elusive black panther was a mystery to the eyes of witnesses and still a symbol to them at the same time. Long straight black hair that swayed like the blades of grass in a breeze, a slender but strong body like a willow and a heart shaped face with a mask sealing secrets underneath with only holes that allowed a peek into the emerald green eyes as deep as the forest. She was known as the Night flower.

Spring Brings New Mysteries

Sunshine streamed through the glass window panes of the classroom I sat in, warming the air and bringing light to the room. Spring was just beginning and school was ever so boring. My eyes drifted from the teacher in the front of the room to the leaves swaying in the breeze outside. A small sigh escaped my lips and my eyes closed. The soft breeze from the cracked window brushed against my skin and kissed my brow. It was nice.

A moment later, the bell rang and we were dismissed from school for the day. I packed my bag and exited the class, heading outside to the courtyard where a group of 8th graders had started a game of soccer on the field. One of them waved to me and I raised a hand in greeting. Continuing on, I passed the gym, storage rooms and classrooms before settling on a patch of grass under a tree to take in the spring season. I had just lain down for a moment before I felt a presence next to me. I cracked an eye open to find my two best friends Karly and Zach next to me.

"Yo D!" Zach greeted, holding his fist out to me. I ignored him and rolled over on to my side with my back to them.

"Meanie! I was just saying hi." Zach said. Karly giggled.

"He's tired and you know how he is when he wants to sleep." She said. She knew me well. I sighed and rolled back over to look up at the tree above us.

"What do you want?" I asked bluntly. Karly smiled at me.

"We wanted to invite you to the new club we found downtown. We heard there's a new singer there and the word is that she's beautiful and great at performing on stage. The club gets pretty crowded whenever she's there, but the thing is that no one knows exactly who she is." I raised an eyebrow at my friend.

"Won't it be a problem though if we go and it's crowded?" I asked. Zach shrugged.

"The special thing about this performer though is that we don't know when she is going to show up. She comes and goes whenever she wants and we'll be lucky to catch her. Once she's there though, she is there all night until the dawn. Then she leaves and disappears for another few days. We do know that she comes three nights a week." He informed. I nodded and furrowed my eyebrows in thought.

"I guess it can't hurt to go tonight. I don't have any work today and my homework can wait. So I'm in." Karly smiled and clapped her hands.

"This'll be so much fun!" She squealed. I smiled and turned to Zach.

"You in man?" I asked. Zach winked at me and gave me a thumb up sign.

"Are you kidding me? Me missing out on checking out a hot babe?" He joked. I rolled my eyes in reply.

"Oh yes. You and girls are totally inseparable. What about your girl friend though? Won't she be jealous?" Zach shook a finger at me.

"She's cool. Besides, she's got something going on tonight. So I'm free to do what I want, when I want." There was nothing I could say to that. Zach and his girlfriend, Jane, were close and cute together. They had met two years ago and only a few months into their second year as friends, Zach asked her out. Not many people had been surprised that they were together, but what had surprised most people was the fact that Zach was serious about being with Jane. Zach, in his early months of high school, had established a playboy reputation because of his constant flirtation with older girls. Many of them laughed and went along with it, but they knew he was never serious. I shrugged and sat up.

"I guess I'll go home then and meet you two downtown?" I suggested. Karly nodded.

"The club is called The Blue Butterfly Bar. It's pretty hip." She winked at me and rose, dusting grass from her skirt. I stood too, and we all headed home.