Carly walked into the office where she worked, on eggshells. She hoped that Jack wasn't in his office before remembering that he spent most of his morning in court and came to the office during the noon hour.

That's when he took his phone calls and that's when he wanted to see her. He had tried to get her to wear shorter skirts but she refused. He might threaten to put her uncle in prison on some old trumped up deal but she'd had enough of it.

So far he hadn't done more than insinuate that he'd put him in jail but she knew he was just getting warmed up. She knew he'd wanted her since the day she started the job and that one day, he'd come to collect.

Why would he want someone like her? She wasn't beautiful or anything. Some might call her pretty with her dark curly hair but she wasn't a guy magnet. She'd only had one lover, a ranch hand who'd used her body as a diversion and left her more skilled than she'd been when she'd started. But she'd also decided that way didn't work for her. She wanted someone to at least care about her before she allowed them between her thighs and inside of her.

Marsha worked the phones that morning subbing for the regular woman and she looked at Carly.

"Jack wants to see you when he arrives after the morning session. You've got some notes for him?"

She nodded, that much was true. She'd been working on an assignment for him the past couple of days knowing that he'd want her to go over the details with him in his office.

The door closed and no one there to see or hear them. She didn't look forward to that.

She'd liked most of her work, the clerking she fell into right away. It came quickly to her and she'd started doing basic research for legal briefs. That way Jack was spared paying for another paralegal out of his budget allocated by the county.

Law school was still some years away but she wanted to get her feet wet so she'd have some practical experience before tackling the academic course load at some place like Harvard or Yale. His recommendation on her application would help tip the balance in her favor with her high grades and hopefully good LSAT scores.

She'd been studying for that exam now for some time and Chase had seen her hitting the books at the table on the porch or in the tack room inside the barn. He'd tease her about it but not too much. He got why she worked so hard. It was her ticket out of the small town to bigger and better things.

The clock ticked time away slowly enough and noon arrived. Jack breezed in from court into his office, shutting the door after him. First he'd hit the phones and then he'd ask for her.

Thirty minutes later, he had her in the office and it hadn't taken him long for his hand to wander up her skirt after he'd inched it up her thighs with his hands. She'd been asked to get something out of the file cabinet knowing it was a ruse.

He'd come up behind her, his hard on pressed against her ass.


"Be quiet…you know what I want and what'll happen if I don't get it."

She closed her eyes knowing he'd make life a nightmare for her uncle if she didn't let him do what he wanted. Every day, he took a little bit more from her.

First her breasts which he fondled and then suckled one rosy tip at a time, inside his mouth. She'd enjoyed it when the hand had taught her how good it could feel…but with Jack, she only felt embarrassed.

"I'll fuck them with my cock…you'll like that won't you? But I got other places I want to fuck first."

He made it clear he wanted her pussy telling her the day would come when he'd fill it. She'd open her legs for him and he'd take it…as much as he wanted. His wife was too busy to give him what he needed and so he'd use her.

His fingers had inched her skirt up her thighs until the hem was just inches below her panties. She knew her uncle would never make it in prison…it'd kill him slowly piece by piece. Just like Jack took from her. He cupped her where her panties clung to her and soon his fingers slipped inside the hem.

"You like that don't you? I bet you let all the guys on your ranch do that…and I bet you get off on it. Do they line up for you?"

She felt revulsed. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was no virgin but she didn't sleep around either.

His fingers rode the seam where her pink lips met, sliding back and forth brushing her clit. It should have excited her…she knew the power there but her mouth pressed together.

"Oh come on…tell me how much you want it, you enjoy it. You wish it were my cock instead…."

She knew he'd expected that of her so she made noises that she knew would satisfy him that might even delude him into believing she was wanting him like he did her. She felt her own body betray her by the slickness in his fingers that smoothened his ride.

"See how wet I make you…."

No, her body reacted not her. But if it'd keep her uncle at home…and not incarcerated…she'd play along. She flinched when he thrust a finger inside of her, pushing it in deep and then pulling it out again as if he were fucking her.

Then two fingers…stretching her.

"That's better isn't it? Tell me how much you want it."

She sighed, and she forced herself. Hating herself. Wanting to be anywhere but here.

After he was done, she adjusted her panties and her skirt. He wiped his fingers on a handkerchief and just looked at her. Breathing hard like she was only for a different reason.

"You know how much I want you," he said, "but it's going to have to be someplace else unless you're real quiet."

She gritted her teeth.

"I…I can be quiet."

There was no way out for her after all. Not against someone like Jack. She wished so much she could just pack up and run away but that'd leave her uncle. Why did she care anyway, he'd never treated her like blood kin. It's just that she'd never had anyone else.

"All right then…that pussy's going to be mine until I'm done with it. You know the terms."

She nodded before walking out of there wondering if anyone would notice her boss had just finger fucked her.

No one even looked up.

Carly woke up from her sleep in the darkness, the memories and the myriad of emotions they elicited still with her…as if she'd just been there. She clutched the sheet to her and looked to see the other side of the bed empty.

Where had Chase gone? Just as well he hadn't seen her wake up shaking. Then she saw a light on in the hallway and heard the door open.

"Hey you woke up."

She narrowed her eyes at him.

"It's nothing…"

He sat on the edge of her bed and she noticed he had a mug in his hand.

"It didn't sound like nothing…so I figured I'd get you some tea when you woke up. It's your favorite…chamomile and whatever else."

She had to smile at him and take it. She didn't want him asking too many questions…like about her dream. But he didn't, he just slid back under the sheets and sat up with her while she drank her tea before taking the mug from her.

"Some day you're going to have to tell me what's missing…but not tonight darling."

She snuggled back against him, in his warmth and closed her eyes. Jack wasn't here with her, she kept telling herself as she tried to fall asleep.