Step What?

You know, I never thought this would happen

Not after all we've been through

But, I have to say, I'm not surprised

You were always immature for your age

Selfish, if one word had to describe you

As soon as you couldn't take any more, you'd run away

Like you did so many times to your own wife

Always too selfish to compromise

Maybe your relationship is over with her

But, why me?

I haven't done anything to you

Nothing but teenage drama of course

Maybe if you would have raised your own daughter,

You would have known these things

But with her, you did what you're now known to do

You ran away as soon as you had the chance

And now that my mom has moved on

You left everything behind, including me

6 months passed since I've heard one word from you, it's confusing!

I don't know if I should be sad, that you abandoned our friendship

Or happy, because I don't need people like you in my life

If you're willing to give up our relationship, then I'm not going to fight for it

Sure, I could have called you on Christmas, New years and Easter,

But you should have done all of those things, you're the so-called "father"!

But, immature like you are, you didn't call me, nor sent me a card

Mom told me that you wouldn't want anything to do with me

Including my future children,

I always thought you'd have a big part as their step-grandfather

But I was also told that you weren't even excited to have grandchildren

That you weren't willing to babysit them for a day or a weekend

Criticizing me for being too lazy to raise my children on my own

At least I don't, nor will I ever, plan on running away from them, EVER!

What the hell went through your head when you were on the plane?

Leaving your 'family' of almost 15 years?

What the hell went through your head on Christmas day?

Remembering us, our traditions, when you were alone?

What the hell went through your head on New Years?

Did you even think of us? Or how we've been doing?

Did you even care?

Because you never bothered to call, I could have died!

I've been thinking hard about you, my stepfather

If ever you should come back into my life

I really don't know if I'd let you in

In fear that you'd leave once more, and hurt me again

And what if I have children? I wouldn't want to answer their questions.

Where did Pépère go? Why is Mémère so sad?

What the hell will I tell them?

I wouldn't want to lie, I'm not a liar

A liar, that's what you are, so I heard

As soon as you left, people started talking

Stories you said, things you did, everything came up

Like how you used to insult my brother, husband, and I!

And then come home and tell us you're proud of us

HA! Were you ever proud of me?

Or did you think I was a disappointment?

Sure, some teens can be a little wild, but I sure wasn't

I never got into any substances, unlike you, causing accidents

I never disrespected my parents in front of others, like you did your own children

I graduated on time, with flying colours, while you got to what grade?

I didn't get pregnant, arrested, nor got into fights

There was nothing wrong with me!

Then I got into adulthood,

I bought a house, graduated college and got married

All before the age of 20!

How could you not be proud?

Sure, I grew up a little fast

My mom was upset when I moved out, but were you?

I doubt it, since now you had an extra room in the house

I moved out because I wanted to be with my fiancé,

But do you know why I moved out so early?

It was your fault!

You were always at my heels, nagging me on everything I did.

Clean after my dog, clean my bathroom, turn the lights off!

Well, I did clean after my dog, but I didn't need to do it every single day!

I didn't clean my bathroom because it wasn't dirty!

And the lights were always on because YOU left them on!

So get off my back!!!

But guess what? You never did, so I left!

And then you picked on my mom, she doesn't deserve that!

Like I used to say when I was a child, she's my mommy!

But, you couldn't leave her alone, your target since I left

She told me that she has never been so happy in her life since you've been gone!

She's free to do what she wants,

Free to listen to music in the car

And free from a nagging, old bastard of a husband!

I must say, I'm happy you're getting a divorce

Because I want my mom to be happy

And I want to be happy, and stop worrying about her

Did you know that I always had your back when they insulted you?

I defended you, because I cared, and I loved you!

But you took my love with you when you left,

Because when I think of you, I can't find it.

I feel betrayed, abandoned, and most of all, rejected.

It's your birthday today, but I won't call you!

Secretly, I wish you a sad birthday!

But I'll never tell you that, because I have manners.

And just to let you know, if you try to call me when you come back,

I won't be happy to hear your voice,

I won't pretend to have missed you,

And I won't be nice!

And if you come over, expecting me to let you in my heart,

I won't have my arms open for you,

I won't hold my feelings back,

And I won't even think twice before closing the door!

So, with that said, I'm no longer confused

I know where my heart lies

As I know where yours does

I will not break down my barriers for you

Since I do not want you to flood my eyes

You've done so too many times

But, I have to take our relationship and break it apart

Take the good, throw out the negative, and hope for the best.