Chapter 1

I awoke with a start to hear Jace screaming next to me. I groaned violently and threw my arm over my face when I read the clock: 2:30 the red light gleamed. I got up and walked over to his cradle and picked him up, rocking him lovingly, and whispering soft shh's in his ear. Once he was quiet I took him downstairs to get his bottle.

I grabbed a pre-made bottle out of the fridge and stuck it in the state-of-the-art bottle heater-upper my aunt had been ever so kind to buy for me. Do I sound bitter? Maybe that's because I am. She has so much money and all she could do for me was a bottle heater, really?

I sat down at the kitchen table to feed Jace, holding him quite awkwardly. Two months and I'm still afraid of breaking him. I looked down at him as I did every time he was in my arms.

How did something so beautiful come out of me? I know every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing in the world, but to me, nothing compared to Jace. Even though he came out of a bad situation he was still as innocent as could be. To me, he is the sweetest little cherub to ever fall to me from heaven. Nothing could ever make me not love him.

My nose wrinkled as I smelt a horrid stench. I smirked as Jace looked up at me with a smile that said, 'Thought you were done with me? Think again!'

"Jace you are so lucky you're cute," I whispered as I took him back to my room to be changed.

After he was cleaned up he quickly fell asleep and I sunk back into a deep sleep for the two hours I had before my first day of school.

I was taken to the dream that plagued me every night. The dream of that night that brought me Jace.

The music was loud and there were people everywhere. A hand on my shoulder makes me turn to see the same blurry person I see every night.

"Having a good time?" It asks.

"Eh, I guess so. Could be a lot worse," I say not looking at the person.

"Why don't you come upstairs with me? I can show you around," they say slurring every word.

"No, I promised Alicia I'd wait for her here," I reply pointing to the bathroom door.

It grabs my hand pulling me upstairs, "Five minutes, I promise."

I followed upstairs unknowingly. I mean this was the first party I had ever been too. Being a junior I didn't have too many friends in the senior class so coming to parties wasn't really something I did very often. In this case, too much alcohol really affected my brain in the worse way. Who would've thought it would do anything like that?

He brought me into a room with a large bed and locked the door behind him. Oh no.

"You're really pretty for an underclassman you know that right?" It said stumbling over to me.

"I don't really know what you have in mind right now, but whatever it is I don't feel very comfortable with it," I said squirming to get to the door.

"You need to just relax. Everything will be over soon enough," he said kissing my neck.

I snapped awake as my alarm went off. I hated that dream. Reliving that moment over and over again was worse than any other nightmare I could think of.

"Hun are you awake?" My mom whispered as she opened the door.

"Yeah, I'm up," I panted wiping the sweat from my face.

"The dream again?" My mom asked sitting on the edge of my bed petting my hair.

"Yeah," I mumbled. My mother always cared for and supported me no matter what. She had understood what had happened when no one else would give me the time of day. She never judged me for what happened like any other mother would. She was just always good to me.

"How was Jace last night? Did he wake up a lot?" She whispered looking into his cradle smiling at how peaceful he looked.

"He thankfully only woke up once so I got plenty of sleep."

"Well that's good. Go get ready and I'll stay here in case he wakes up," she said lying down on my bed.

I grabbed some clothes and threw them on my bathroom floor and looked at my reflection in the mirror. The bags that were normally under my eyes from lack of sleep were finally gone thanks to some face make-up my mom had given me. My red hair was a complete mess around my face instead of just a mass of wavy curls that flowed down a bit past my shoulders. My green eyes were glazed over from welled up tears from the dream. I sighed and turned the shower on.

When I stepped into the shower the warm water felt amazing as it washed over my body. The warmth was a nice change from my freezing cold house since some people don't believe in heat, a.k.a. my dad.

After I was done getting ready and I looked half-way decent I went downstairs to see my mother sitting at the table drinking coffee, "Is dad still working?"

"Yes, there was an emergency at the hospital so he had to stay longer," my mom replied frowning.

My dad was a cardiologist at the local hospital. I think his salary is the only reason I was able to keep Jace. My parents dropped everything to take care of their grandson and I. I know this may sound strange but my parents love me more than anything and when they found out the truth they knew they would help me. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay them for everything they've done for Jace and I, but I don't think they expect me to.

I grabbed an apple and was on my way out the door, "Bye mom."

"Bye hunny. Try to have a good day."

Yeah, like that would ever happen at that hell hole.