Life does not come with a rulebook.

When you see something you like,

It's up to you to decide,

Whether you want to take a closer look.

You can't spot a road

And know where it leads at once.

When you find something you like,

You know you've got to take a chance!

It's never easy leaving home

And chasing the unknown.

It's never easy leaving your world

And everything that you call your own.

But it's impossible to confine yourself within the four walls

When the thrill to do new things calls.

Some hear it, some don't,

Some answer, some ignore.

I can't help but let my reply echo throughout,

Asking for more, more, more!

My life has been an experiment.

Splashing the canvas spontaneously with paint.

Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fly.

Dreams are wings that let you reach the sky.

When I hear a hypnotizing tune I've got to dance!

Do you see the rainbow up there smiling at me?

I know I've got to get to it, I know I've got to take a chance.

Traveling from violet to red,

Love to hatred,

And back to violet,

Guided by my fate.

I feel magic pulling me into a trance.

I know I have got to take a chance.

It's so exciting not knowing

Where exactly I'm going.

I know where I want to see me.

But in the end, I know I'll be where I'm supposed to be.

Enchanting everyone like a fairy,

Charming the dreams I carry,

Singing to the rhythm of the rain,

My journey has begun once again.

Sometimes it's scary, sometimes it hurts

To leave things close to your heart behind.

But I know I have imbibed every memory of everything,

I can close my eyes and picture everything in my mind.

Changes are hard, but that's why I like them.

Taking life as it comes, crossing levels like it's a game/

And now I'm taking a chance,

This time what is it going to be?

Let's see where this takes me.

A/N: well, this is how I deal with my life in general :) not a "I'm feeling this right now" poem, gosh no, nothing new is happening till I graduate high school :P