Those days seem like another lifetime, another dimension.

Looking back I can smile, going back is out of question.

I know we have drifted apart.

But even today I admire your heart.

I know so many of your flaws; I can make a never ending list.

You annoy me so much I go on clenching and unclenching my fists.

But I still love who you are.

You are like a transparent mirror.

No pretence, no fake friendships, you say things straight to someone's face.

Love how you deal with your life and take in so much of stress.

We share the same dreams, but I gave up on mine.

When I see you living yours, I feel I'm fine.

When it comes to the good qualities you possess, I look up to you.

You changed me quite a bit, I am influenced me by our friendship's residue.

We know we don't hate each other.

People spread rumors, we're not bothered.

Our friendship has ended, but it runs so deep, it can never fade away.

And I will stop running away from admitting this, starting from today.

We never talk, that's okay.

We know what we have to say.

Things changed between us, but that was for the better, I know.

You may not be my friend, but I know it in my heart you're not my foe.

A/N: this one is from my real life. I regret losing her as my friend. But at least she's not a foe :P