Most people would say that love is for saps. Others would say that it's destructive and useless in the world. And then there are the few that have actually experienced what true love is like.

I believe that love is everywhere as long as we choose not to look for it. When we look for love, we look for our opinion of the perfect significant other. Most of us go our entire lives without experiencing what true, long-lasting love is because we're either too busy to even look up from the technology or we're incredibly ignorant of the concept of love and don't deserve it.

But love doesn't conquer all either. Sometimes love hurts because it's an option and someone can choose no. But I believe that love is also sacrificial. I believe that because I've seen it many times in my life. I've seen people die for one another, people's generosity—all because of love. And although today it is very rare, seeing love, tomorrow will be even worse, because the more we go on, the more selfish and human we become.

Love is immortal, and yet even love is subjugated to the morals we know and how we perceive the world. Because we are human, and when we see love, we are prejudice to those who obtain it—that is, until the unexpected turn of it takes toll on our lives. With love, the kindness in humanity is small but immortal, too.