So, you see, Tenmei was fated to be cursed because of his actions, and he also had to redeem himself at the cost of his lover's life, who was avenged by the cursing of Kagai. Fate is a never-ending cycle that we must all go through. We cannot control it no matter how much we try; however, I've seen enough to know that only the foolish tamper with their own fate through free will, and they end up doing what they were supposed to in the end anyway. Everyone has to learn of it at their own pace, I know, but everyone will learn of fate one way another.

I've learned that I was destined to live many centuries just so that I could tell you this story. Yes, I am Kitai, and Tenmei, Aki, and Kagai are all distant cousins of each other just because of my husband and me. But everything that I've told you, it was all fate. Soon you will find your own fate.

But, one thing, fate doesn't need a reason. Fate doesn't give people a purpose for living, or give them a reason for why something was done—that's life. So, although you may think you're at the top of the world, just remember that something otherworldly controls you.