When particles collide

Photons are strange particles. Did you know that when propelled out one particle at a time with all environment variables set at constant, the particle will land inconsistently? Sometimes a photon acts like a particle, and sometimes it acts like a wave.

Are you saying, good sire, that particles decide how to act? That's preposterous!

Why are you so certain of that, good sire? Humans can reason and decide, why not a particle?

But this is a photon particle we are talking about! It's microscopically tiny!

Good sire, how big does an object need to be to become self-determined? I don't believe something needs mass to realize existence


The Higgs Boson is more than just a creation of worlds. It's an idea, a belief in the fact that there are subspaces in our universe that carve paths that defy Newtonian and Einsteinium physics. It's not just an elementary particle; it's an absolutely crucial one.

Crucial? I'm afraid I don't understand.

Establishing a bridge between dimensions would require warping space-time unto itself, a feat even more difficult than a wormhole. It would be like creating a wormhole inside of a wormhole in an infinitely distorted folded space! Could you imagine how much energy that would require?

How much doctor?

About the strength of three of our suns! Without resorting to breaking the laws of our physics, travel would surely be impossible!

How much energy supposing your theory is correct?

About the output of a standard-size lithium battery.


Isn't the speed of light the fastest speed an object can go?

Well, I once got a fortune cookie stating "Nothing moves faster than a bad check"

Honey! *giggle* This is serious! I'm worried about your theory. Especially the part when you say that it would take a lifetime moving at light speed to cross an intradimension bridge!

Indeed it would.

Does this mean that travel is impossible?

Nope. You just won't live to tell the tale.

Why are you sticking your tongue out at me? Are you teasing me again?

Hee Hee... no this is my serious face.

Hey! I'm being serious here!

Ok, ok! Yes the travel time would be an issue. However I have also postulated two possible solutions. The first is a singular wormhole across the bridge, essentially jumping the gap. An instantaneous swap may be preferable; however a jump inside a bridge has to be incredibly precise. Otherwise, you would spiral off into an unplanned destination without a lifeline back.

The other option is to utilize both Newtonian and Einsteinium concepts. The laws tell us that Force equals Mass times Acceleration, every force has an equal and opposite reactive force, and particles behave in strange and different ways as they accelerate toward light-speed. As particles speed up, they increase in mass, meaning that more force is pushing against the particle.

This also means that more thrust would be needed to push it faster. Also, as it accelerates, a particle also accrues heat. Meaning that although theoretically possible to go faster than the speed of light with an infinite amount of force, the particle will likely self-destruct or disintegrate before that point.

So the only other option available is to create an artificial frictionless environment and distort space such that though we are going warp-speed or much faster than light, we are not subject to such messy concepts as unlimited force requirements or increased mass.

Is this possible? Maybe. I think it may be a historical moment when man first decides to claim he is going to "lubricate a space tunnel".


The sound of white noise slowly replaced the disjoint voices in my strange dream. It was the beautiful feeling of waking up for the first time in a new world all over again. This is what it must feel like to be born. And now I too understand why newborns cry.

We too were about to leave the safety and comfort of the Phantom Capsule and into something completely unfamiliar. I nodded to each of my companions in turn. "See you on the other side."

"Fare thee well, Logan."

And I opened the door to let myself be swallowed by darkness.

The first thing I sensed from eerie silence was low and haunting music. And then slowly, I could feel the sound waves tingling through my body. I breathed deeply and exhaled bubbles for the first time. I dared not to open my eyes yet. Then a gentle whisper slid across the wavelengths.

"Good Morning."

And I slowly peeked out into a fluid-filled world. Two pairs of eyelids adjusted slowly to the ambient shafts of light dispersing through the waves. A conch-shell gently wrapped the distorted light into a warm current of light. A blue figure floated gently some distance away beckoned me closer, but I tucked myself deeper into the conch.

The figure floated toward me and gently tickled the water with a stem of seaweed. She was what we on Earth would call a mermaid; a creature with blue-green skin molded by the sea and kissed by sand. She was half humanoid and half-fish tail. The scales on her tail caressed the subtle movements of water to play that haunting song effortlessly.

"Come on Tank, we have things to do.", she said.

I continued to hide cautiously. She smiled with her eyes and her hair made of thin filaments buzzed softly in ecstasy. Yes, a thin memory from a past life I hadn't lived whispered, this creature you can trust.

I emerged from my protective shell cautiously. Looking down, I seemed to be a cross between a jellyfish and squid-like creature. I counted owning twelve translucent tentacles. The last two latched onto each other to form a carrier for the conch. She laughed softly as I examined myself for the first time.

"Have you already forgotten your duties?"

I nodded diligently in confusion. A subtle rush of heat tinted with embarrassment coursed through and the soft flickering light inside me changed a shade of color.

"Today we meet with our elders who have left the nymph stage and now walk uninhibited on dry land! Can you imagine what it must be like?"

I knew, but shook my head in disbelief.

"We are expecting a visitor today from a far-away land"