The morning alarm clock had gone off. 5:30. I hadn't woken at that time since before the change. Well the not so real change I guess, but still.

"Better get ready, we have two hours left until classes. Some have already started, just luckily enough we aren't in them," she had warned me. She had her hair pulled back, and a skimpy tank top, exposing very little cleavage. She flashed me a quick innocent smile, stating that she was looking for trouble, and then left me the room.

I stayed behind a few minutes longer. Lazily, I sighed and rolled out of bed. I wasn't hungry, but to hell with it, I had to eat something anyways. Collecting my hand drawn Frog Brothers covered journal, and throwing on my Boston University hoodie, and wearing a pair of cheap denim shorts, I headed down to the student café to grab something to eat. Here went nothing.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty," I heard another girl announce as I walked up the table where Matheson, and a couple other female students from my dorm had been sitting for breakfast. I hated when people called me that but whatever.

"Morning to you as well," I answer back in protest as I sat down in a vacant spot. It had gone quite for a few seconds as if no one had known what to say. Maybe they didn't want to. I knew I wasn't really accepted, but what else could I do?

"I have Modern Defense first," I heard some other girl say. I snicker and try to keep to myself.

I continue spooning my yogurt, and looking at my abandoned granola bar, I grabbed to be its companion in my digestive system. I was now also thinking how a school map would have been great right now. I knew Matheson wouldn't be helpful.

"Well hello fellow classmate," a males voice came from behind me. I knew it was him. I didn't need to look.

"Hello Ryian," I answered without having to turn around. I looked over my left shoulder. I had to give up. I had to look at him. He was standing as though, he had wanted me to invite him to sit down. Finally giving up, he invited himself down. He had dyed his hair again. Magenta. A black Coheed & Cambria hoodie.

"What class you have next?" he asked, as though he had hoped it would be a class with him. Both of us were aware that the few girls left at the table could hear us. We ignored them.

"History," I tell him. His eyes had gone down to puppy eye level. I could tell he was thinking something. He was good at hiding his thoughts, so most of the time, I couldn't read them, as much as I could others. Then he smiled.

"I could show you where it is," he offered as he stood up from the table. I open my mouth to speak but he cuts me off. "Or you could skip and I could tutor you". I made another attempt to speak. I achieved my attempt.

"No!" I gripe to him.

"No on which part?" he asked already knowing the answer, but hoping I would change my mind at last split second.

"Which part do you think?" I answer coldly.

I looked at him, but I wasn't about to confess to him that I would rather be with him than be a story history class. If he really knew it, he wasn't admitting to it. "Just show me where it is," I add in regret.

"Sure lets go," he tells me in just about as much regret as I had. He walked me out.

"Room 113. History," he introduces me to the vacant door, and very few students. I wasn't surprised. This isn't mortal. I walk inside and turn around, and Ryian is gone. I smiled quickly after had left. I scan the room and found an empty seat beside a slender boy with a failed attempt at corn rows.

"Have a seat, I promise I won't bite, honest," he offers. I take the seat I could read him. His thoughts. He couldn't really be trusted, but I had no choice. He looked at me, and I noticed his fire copper eyes.

"My name is Caston," he told me, as he flashed a charming perfect white teeth smile. I smile back.

"We need no introduction, I know you're the new girl," he tells me.

"Then why did you introduce yourself, that being the case?" I asked. I knew he was the type to hate questions, but I had to ask. I didn't look at me. I knew he wouldn't it. He knew somehow.

"The boys dorms has mentioned it a couple of times," he told me without looking at me, perfectly looking at the whiteboard. Finally I figured it out. It was him, he was the other that Daairion had told me about after we arrived here.

I sat there dumfounded and staring at his bronze colored curls. "You already knew about us. Who we were before you left your supposed mortal life, so cut the fucking crap," he whispers to me. He knew what I was thinking before I even had the thought in my head or mind. I couldn't do the same thing back. I knew that he could feel my emotions, hear my thoughts. He could enter me without my permission, her was the element I wasn't. I had to train for it. He had to teach me. It could only be him.

"Maybe you're not ready," he tells me before he gets back to doing his schoolwork. I hated that word, but I always used it anyways. My uncle would always use it when he came home, though that wasn't often. The both of us continue in silence for the rest of the class. I secretly smiled knowing that he didn't see it. I didn't want him to.

"Meet me tonight," he tells me as we get up from class. I noticed he didn't collect anything. He didn't care about the assignments.

"For what?" I ask. I still couldn't read him.

"Training. You can't read me as good as you should be reading me. After all we need to be at the same level since we are the same," he tells me harshly. That was all he had told me before he had completely left.