Through my blurry vision, I saw the raindrops running down my window. They looked like a bunch of little teardrops, running down the window. Tears seem to show up a lot now. On my face, my window, everywhere.

"Are you okay darling?" asked the flight attendant. Ugh, she seemed about as smart as a rock. No, I'm not okay, I'm crying. I can't deal with all of this happening at once. It's way too much. Mom shipping me to Grandma because of who knows what, going across the country, giving up everything. This is something that no twelve-year-old should ever have to deal with.


"Darling, you can have this room. I hope you like it." After I got to Grandma's I hardly spoke at all. I bet Grandma didn't ask for me, she was just forced to take me in. Anyways, who would want me? I walked into the new room, looking around. It was just a plain, boring room. Grey walls, white bedding, no biggie.

I threw my luggage in the corner, not caring enough to unpack. I ran downstairs and turned on Grandma's TV. I picked up the remote and flipped through the channels. Educational, old people, soap opera, educational, NO KID SHOWS! Great, no TV. "Sweetie, you have school tomorrow. I have all of your supplies in your room."


"Wake up for school darling." Grandma called from the other room. I slowly rolled out of bed, and stood up. A new school, a new state, and a clean slate. I can be whoever I want to be now. I decided to go for a different image than before. At my old school, I was nice, but people thought of me as the nerd. So I decided to do something different for a change.

I left the house feeling good about myself for the first time in a long time. I wore a black shirt with a bunch of neon colors, and some bright skinny jeans. I wore a bunch of random different hair pieces that matched my shirt. I was afraid Grandma wouldn't like my look, so I put on a big coat that covered my shirt, and a hood that covered my hair. I ran out of my house and into Grandma's little car. It smelled like old lady perfume, I hope it doesn't block out the smell of my perfume. I don't want to smell like an old lady on the first day of school (for me).

I got dropped off at school, and I went into the bathroom. I threw off the coat, stuffed it in my backpack, and went into my purse. I had colorful makeup in it, and fixed my lip gloss. Maybe this would be the one new part I enjoy.

I left the bathroom confident. I went into the guidance office and asked for my schedule. The counselor gave me a schedule, and a short tour before dropping me off at my locker. Before I went into the classroom, a girl in the hallway stopped me. "A misfit like you will NEVER fit in here. I can tell you don't know much about fashion, but I hope you know that's a fashion don't."

Instead of going back to class, I ran to the bathroom, and began tearing out my fake extensions.