Gianna did NOT like my retaliation. She actually ran out of the front of the school crying, much like I did in the past. I kind of liked the feeling of power, the feeling that I could make a girl happy, or I could make her terribly sad. I made a few new friends, but I also made quite a few more enemies.

I'm not the usual mean girl. I swear. I just have an ability to quickly come up with a retort. Plus, if I can make the meanest girl in the grade cry, I could upset anyone. My friends—You could say some are friends with me because they are scared of me, and some want to be cool like me. I think.

"I'll hang out with you if you're not mean to me," said a squeamish looking girl.

"Ehh, I'll consider it. Now scram." She ran away very quickly, dodging virtually anyone in her path.

"I really think you need to stop being so mean to everyone. You're the new girl. Not the mean popular girl. And I think you should start sitting with us again," Ellie said it all like it hurt her to say it, "You've changed since you've been here…And not for the better."

"I really think this isn't your life to meddle with. Just leave me alone."

"Fine, but you know, right now, you are losing the only true friend you've ever had here."

I'm not too scared of Gianna anymore. She comes by, trying to scare me, but I just bite her back with another comeback. "Hey ugly, what's up?" "Looking in a mirror again Gianna?" Everyone was scared of me, and I mean everyone. I never had any true friends, and interventions are never working. It's quite stupid how people think an intervention will stop someone. It makes no effect on me.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the constant feeling that everyone is afraid of me. I just like it better than being afraid of everyone. I don't know what to do to find a balance, so I just decided to be the one that is feared. Not a big deal.

But reality soon set in…