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Fairy tale summary in Rule 106.


Rule 106- Please, for the benefit of the readers, make your fairy tale make sense.

Group of people: [Huddled up in a dark, dark room.]
Person 1: Let's make a fairy tale! What should it be about?
Person 2: Let it be about a silly peasant who does silly things!

Person 3: And he shall ride into the woods one day, and think the deer he saw was his long-lost brother.

Person 4: And he shall think animals are speaking to him! And they will not give his money and food back, and he will complain to the king, and turn down a marriage offer. Then complicated money things will happen and he will give some money to Sentry Guard and Nasty Jew, and Nasty Jew will get him in trouble! But then Peasant will all of a sudden be smart and then trick Nasty Jew, and Nasty Jew will be in trouble with King! Teehee!

Disregarding may lead to-
The confusion of your general audience. This is usually bad when trying to tell a story.

Rule 107- I can understand that a peasant has thought a frog has say 'eight' instead of 'aik'. However, it is most unacceptable to toss your money into the pond for them to count, proceed to stay there until sunset and become angry when they did not give the coins back.

Peasant: Oh, it's a lovely day. I'm just walking home after trading seven thalers for a cow!
Frogs: *Casually aik-ing*
Peasant: No! Silly frogs. There are seven thalers, not eight.

Peasant: See, look! One thaler, two thaler, three thaler, four. Five thaler, six thaler, seven thaler!

Peasant: Count it yourself, punks! *Throws thalers in pond* And I want my money back tomorrow morning!

Disregarding may lead to-
The loss of seven perfectly good coins, probably needed if you are a peasant supporting a family.

Rule 108- Dogs will (probably) not say 'wow' because of lovely meat. Dogs say 'wow' because barking is a lie. Believing dogs say wow because you are carrying some lovely meat, then expecting them to inform the butcher that they had some of your lovely meat, is unrealistic.

Peasant: And here is my lovely cow, skinned! The meat is lovely, and the skin is lovely, and everything is lovely because this is a lovely cow!
Dogs: Wow. Wow, wow, wow.
Peasant: I know, right?! The meat is so fantastic.
Dogs: Wow! Wow! Wow-ity wow-ity wow, wow!

Peasant: Yeah. Fantastic meat. I'm making money off this hunk of stuff.

Peasant: Hey, I know you guys want to eat it and all. It is some pretty fantastic meat. Tell you what, I'll give you the meat, but you guys have to take it to the butcher! And I'll come back tomorrow and demand my money!

Disregarding may lead to-
A lovely pile of destroyed meat and a very, very angry butcher.

Rule 109- A most incorrect way to marry off one's daughter is to give her to the first person who can make her laugh, even if she has never laughed in her life. The suitor may be armed with laughing gas, or did something extremely awkward, or said a fantastically lame pun. Further, just because someone has made another laugh does not mean this person is good.

King: Daughter, you've never laughed in your life. Ever.
Princess: Yeah, I just don't find people particularly funny.
King: I'll marry you off to the first person who makes you laugh! Of course! Why did I not think of this before?!

Princess: But what if he uses laughing gas? Or says a lame pun? Or is socially awkward? What if he's gay? Or a serial killer? … What if he's a gay serial killer?
King: Silly girl. The perfect man will come along for you, never you mind.

King: And he shall be the funniest person in all of the lands! Bring forth the jester! Give him laughing gas!

Disregarding may lead to-
Pretty much everything stated above.

Rule 110- If someone is doing wrong, the correct thing to do is to turn them in. Hating that person and turning them simply because you hate them is a sign of stupidity. In turn, it is wise to not be a douche to someone who has lent you a lovely coat.

Peasant: Oh, that king. He told me to take all the coins I could, and now I have to count them all! What is this?!

Jew: Look at him. He's insulting the king. Time to turn him in.

Jew: I hate that guy. Time to lie and turn him in.
Peasant: Look! And he gave me his lovely coat! We're friends, and I'm not in the wrong! Imprison him!

Disregarding may lead to-
Well, lying is bad.

Overall Opinion:
2.5 out of 5 Slices on the ApplePie of Awesomeness Scale. It was confusing. But amusing. I have no idea what happened.

Sooo… yeah. Hopefully I won't take such a long time to update next time. Prayer circle time.

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