I Sat up from my lastest nightmare. Being dragged into sea.

"Thing positive Stace" I hit my face a few times before standing dad's old shirt ended just below my thighs.

"Dad..." I splashed water on my face. "I'll write him a letter to let him know how my research was going." I said aloud and walked to the kitchen. I made some toast and bacon. The ocean wasn't choppy today. It was calm and inviting.

"Hmm... I could do some field time" I said and walked back to my room. I put on my still damp blue swim suit. I grabbed my ever present duffle bag and put on my water shoes. Munching on my toast i looked for the best place to start. I should probably tell you what I do. Well I'm a marine biologist and the some what huge island I live on is my home.

"Morning birds, Morning trees, Morning ocean!!" I grabbed my water proof camrea and my fog resistant googles and jumped in. The water was cold but as soon as I moved around it got better. I saw several types of fish and a few dolphins. A shark and swan right up to me and nudged my hand. I stroked his fins and he swam away. I smiled and swan upward. I gasped and looked around. I did a few back strokes them i started floating. I closed my eyes and counted to ten before diving back down. I took pictures of coral and my shark pal seemed to love the camrea. I laughed as he nudged me. I turned to see what he was nudging me towards and my blood grew cold. A man tangled in the seaweed. I droped my camrea and swam to him. I shook him slightly. air bubbles floated from his mouth. I untangled him and swam upward and to shore. I laid him on the beach. Half in water and half out.

I bit my lip. I tilted his head backwards and pinched his nose. I pressed my mouth to his and breathed air into him. I pushed on his chest and breathed into him again. He coughed and sputtered out sea water. His chest began to rise and fall. I breathed a sigh of relive. he stirred.

"hey hey are you okay?" I asked. He groaned in response.

"where am I?" He put his hand to his head.

"On my island." I atemted to pick him up.

"AAAH!!!" He yelled.

"What?" I said and looked up.

"A human!!"

"No a siren. Yes I'm human just like-" The seawead fell from his waist, "Oh... your a merman"

"Your a human!!"

"yes we've established this"

"What are you doing here??"

"I live here"

"No Emma. Lives here"

"No Emma sold me this place so I could do research"

"But why?"

"She got old" I said and pulled him out of the water.

"My Family!!"

"Stay right there I'll be right back."

"No I have to find my family" My pal showed up.

"Watch him sharky" I said and ran to grab the wheel barrow.

"Your kidding me right?"

"No. Your hurt Im a marine biologist. I'm going to help you whether you like it or not" I said and turned to the shark,"Thank you baby. I'll bring you a treat some time okay baby?" The shark left. I grabbed the Man by his waist and put him in the wheel barrow. I wheeled him to my house and slung him over my shoulder. I put him in a chair and went to the bathroom to fill the tub. I heard a crash. I let the tub fill and looked to see the merman on the floor.

"Quite moving you'll hurt yourself more" I said and slung him over my shoulder again.

"You have quite the strenght"

"Yes I lift wieghts" I set him in the tub and turned the water off. My med bag was right mext to the tub. I grabbed the stepiscope and put it on his chest.

"Its cold"

"Your live under water. Suck it up man" I said and wrote down the data.

"Are you going to disect me?" I looked up at him. He was gripping the sides of the tub and his eyes looked fearful.

"Gross no."

"But I thought humans where selfish and evil." I paused and looked at him.

"No, not all of us are."

"How do I know?"

"If i were evil would i have saved you?"

"If you wanted to kill me yes" I rubbed his arms.

"no. I do not want to kill you."

"My tail hurts" I pressed my fingers to the bottom of his tail where his shiny brown tail started.


"No" He moved my hands up to his waist.


"You must have pulled a muscle"

"It hurts" he said.

"I'll fix it" I gently massaged his waist and he fell asleep.

"Well great. I saved a merman and lost my camrea" I said and looked at the clock.

"No damn way its already nine a clock!" I looked outside. it was dark.

"Well bed time I guess" I yawned and looked at the man again. He had black hair and lightly tanned skin. He was pretty cute.

"Ack no no no" I hit my head repeatedly, "Never again" with that I closed the door and put on my pj's.

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