I'm having so much fun with this story ^-^

Stacy: *drunk off her but*

Will: *emotionless*

Me:... Is it bad i'm happy?

Stacy: Throws empty bottle at my head then goes to another bottle* Yeshhhh

Me:... for a drunk person you have wonderful coordination!

Stacy: Practissse *falls over*

Will: Whats so much fun about life if i cant live it the way I want?

Me:... Yeah this is still to much fun... I know im a sadist!

Stacy's screams pierced the ocean layers and Will turned from his father's deathbed and looked out the window.

"Something troubling you my son?" The weak old merman asked. He had muscles from years of work and a long white beard and a crown made of coral resting on his bed side.

"No Father..." The young merman said and a door opened. A mermaid swam in almost glowing but her radiance went unnoticed.

"Willl" She whined and pulled his hand. Her long hair floated around her like it was a halo but to Will it looked more like an octopus wanting to crush his skull and eat him. Her skin was pale and strawbery blonde hair surrounded her. she wore jewlery that made her look much to flashy and she eyes where wide and shock white but she was anything but blind.

"Yes Titania?" her voice knawed on his mind like a shark. She pulled him out and she started going on and on about their engagement party and the wedding preperations.

"Oh William! It will be amazing!" She draped herself around his shoulders. Her attire would make a salior blush. She left absolutly nothing to the imagination. Will found himself thinking about Stacy. She was always modestly dressed even on her date she didn't dare show off anything other than her beautiful tan arms and calves. Her face was beautiful and her cheeks where always rosy and pink. He snapped back into reality when Titania nearly flung his sister , Gabriella, out the port hole.

"Hey!" His face turned pink and water swirled arouns Titania and Gabriella swam to him.


"What is it Guppy?" He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

"Why this sudden show of affection brother?" she asked not minding the safeness of her elder brother's arms.

"I met a woman that told me this is how she greets loved ones" Will felt his chest pang and Titania glared.

"Who is this woman? Is she of another kingdom?" She demanded.

"No... She is human" Guppy squealled.

"Is she the new girl on the island where Em lived?"

"Yes... How did you know ,my sister?"

"She screams as if she where dying, Brother... When you where gone the screaming had ceased..." She said and clung to her brother's neck.

"Bah this woman is nothing but a thing of the past! You should never see her again!" Titania said and swam away.

"Thank God" Guppy said and held tightly to her brother.

"How are your studies?" Will asked as they swam down the hallway.

"Wonderful!" She swam in circles until her head began to hurt. Will smirked at her silliness as the girl babbled on about her studies. Titania lurked in the dark corridors and called her Maid.

"Rid the world of the woman on the island" She hissed and crossed her arms. Her fire red hair floated about her like horns and she glare equaled that of a demon's and the maid swam away.

"Guppy.. I think its time for you to rest.. Its been a long day" Will ushered the girl to her room and swam-paced in the halls of the palace.

"Prince William!?"

"Ah yes Ms. Rinlea?" he turned and faced the maid. Her eyes where wide with horror and her face was red.

"Whats wrong?!" The woman whimpered. He gripped her shoulders and looked around before pulling the girl into the nearest room.

"Rinlea... Whats. Wrong?"

"She wants to kill her"

"Who? Who?" The maid pointed up.

"The human is going to die.." She sobbed and quickly swam away.

"The human?..." he gasped.

"Stacy!" He smashed the door off its hinges and quickly swam to the head Guard Jemeriah.

"My prince!" He kneeled.

"Rise... I need you to watch over the island.. You are my most trusted friend.. Please I'm begging you... Please protect the island... You and your most trusted soliders... Please" Stunned the guard nodded.

"My prince you shouldn"t be begging like-"

"Please... Just quickly... Go" Jermeriah swam away to warn his guards.

"Oh please keep her safe" He said and if he was on land tears would have been falling from his face.

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