We approached our homeroom, and Allison was standing next to me saying that her cat Inky's coat was getting all greasy and stuff, and I was sort of puzzled and grossed out at the same time. Then we were in our classroom, and we sat down, then Miss. Sutton told us to just stay quiet for the rest of the day and keep busy. So I mostly just talked to Allison, and a few other people I knew in my class, and just kept busy. Then It was time for announcements.
" Hello students, As you all know today was your first day back at Conner, and We had a great start of to the new school year, and we would like to keep it that way. Have a good afternoon everyone!"

Then it was time for me to go to my locker and get my things, then I went to board my bus. It was oddly quiet, which I enjoyed considering I was still tired from today being the first day of school, and I was still getting used to my school schedule again.

Now it was time for me to get off, my mom had been outside in the nice August weather, planting mums and other arrangements of flowers and bushes. I went inside, and decided I was going to go get my bathing suit on and go swimming in our in-ground pool. So I went upstairs to put on my bathing suit, then came back down and went to grab a towel, then head out though the patio door, and dove into the pool.

My mind had felt so much better after I had swam a little bit in the pool. I had felt refreshed, and relaxed. I went to go get a snack from inside, then I was headed for the shower afterwords. Then after I got out of the shower, dinner was ready and my parents were telling me dinner was ready, so I went downstairs and found a plate with hot steaming food with my name on it. I was ready to have the same conversation that we have almost everyday with each other, how was your day, that's good, anything new, same old same old. So then dinner was done, and I went back upstairs to my room, and decided I was going to ask my parents if I could redecorate my room. Time had obviously passed very quickly, and I now noticed that bunnies, ballerinas and pink walls were just not doing it for me anymore. So I decided to take this idea downstairs to my parents.

"Hey Mom., Dad?"

"I was thinking of redecorating my room, and I wanted to know if you were okay with that."

" What your room now ain't doing it for ya anymore?"

" Only if I was six again."
" Well I agree its about time for you to change that room up a bit, go ahead and pick out what you want then bring it to us for us to decide upon."

" Ok, will do, Ciao!"

Excitement filled my heart to its brims. I was ready for a change and they were gonna let me do it. I was so ecstatic. I went online to check out some paint colors, and artwork, as well as a new queen size bed from Ikea. Then I decided that I wanted a Mural of the city painted on my main wall, but the question would be who to get to paint it?! I have the art skills of a kindergartener, so its defiantly not going to be me painting my room, so maybe I'll ask my Uncle, hes pretty good with that sort of stuff, so I'll add that to my list of things I want in my room. Then, it was ten, and I was headed to bed to watch some TV, and fall asleep, because tomorrow was another full day of school waiting for me.