Childish demands and wishful thinking

Countered by lectures and outright rejection

I'm trying to understand you

and you're trying to push me away


it will seem like you're getting used to me

and then

I forget myself,

And I ruin it

you make me so happy

and you kill me with your words

I embarrass you

and you don't see why I like you

but everything I see of you

every single thing

makes me want to see more

I want to memorize you

To commit your actions and emotions to memory

And burn your reactions into my mind

I want to know everything about you



become someone you trust enough

to rely on


If I could see and know

everything there is to

about you


If you should find yourself to feel even a fraction of what I do

I'm sure

that nothing could make me happier


in my own way

I make it impossible

and push you away myself.


I just noticed

I never did tell you what I wanted

did I?

But even if I had,

it was hopeless from the start.

Even more so now

Even if I did see you

I wouldn't know you

You tried to hide yourself from me


in the end

you succeeded

at least

in all the areas it mattered.

So I now conclude this sick goodbye,

and I don't even have your name to address you with.