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Warnings: Slash, rambling, some math, some history, some biology...

(3X²Y)³ equals 3³X²Y³ when you divide the exponent among the three bases in the equation-

"Hey Willow..."

Atahualpa (or was it Moctezuma?) was kidnapped by the British (or French... Portuguese?) and killed after receiving ransom-

"... Willow."

Parthenogenesis is a common form of Asexual reproduction where the female lays viable eggs that need no fertilization-


Je parle français!


"Yeah?" my head snapped up from my text book, looking around momentarily before focusing on Jace, who was giving me an amused look. "Studying much?" he asked. I glared back, hanging my head.

"Yes Jace, what do you want?"

I heard him snort, making me look back up at him from across the table. He had come over a few hours ago to do some studying, since he was failing... well, everything. I agreed to help and ended up spacing (aka day dreaming) which resulted in him (very rudely) getting my attention.

"I was just wondering when we were gonna get some studying done, actually," he smirked, leaning forward, "you've been spacing for about half an hour now."

I nodded, taking off my glasses and rubbing my eyes for a second. "Yeah, sorry. Didn't mean to do that." I sighed. Actually, I had meant to, because that meant I wouldn't have to pay attention to him.

Not that I disliked Jace. Quite the opposite, actually. I was pretty sure I was in love with him.

Not that he would ever find that out. Ever.

He nodded this time, flipping his text book to a specific page and pointing at something. "Alright, let's start here. What the hell is that?"

I smiled slightly, looking across the table at it and sighing. "An equation? Words?Punctuation marks?"

"Don't be a smart ass Willow."

"Then don't be a moron."

"Love you too."

I smiled more since that was always Jace's comeback when he didn't have a real one. It always managed to stop the arguments though.... Maybe we need some background information on all this before we go any farther.

Jace and I had been best friends ever since preschool. I can't remember a time hewasn't in my life, which is kind of scary in a way. The only thing that was different then is that our personalities were completely opposite. Jace was the day-dreaming, frightened little kid while I was a bit of a daredevil. Now you wouldn't be able to tell at all. Where Jace had gotten over his fears, I grew some of my own.

First was being gay. It's not exactly something you go strolling into school one morning shouting and expect a pat on the back or a hug for. It's the type of something you go strolling into school one morning shouting and expecting to be jumped by the football team. Our school was rather close-minded.

Second was being an Albino. Fortunately however, my eyebrows were more of a brown color instead of the same platinum-blonde look as my hair. But, I needed glasses as well, and when I didn't have them the world was very, very blurry. I didn't get picked on too much for it, but every once in a while someone from out of town would stare if I went out in public. Everyone in school was used to it by now apparently.

Third was being in love with my best friend. My very male, straight, sexually active, andhighly attractive best friend. And while Jace and I had a closer relationship than most guys, I'm not sure he'd take too kindly to me walking up and kissing the ever-living-hell out of him. It was just a damn good thing he wasn't on the football team.

Now, let's move onto Jace. As adorably oblivious as he is, he does have (several) faults. And I know every single one of them. I know that he's a snuggler, especially when he's too tired to think straight. I also know that he's allergic to strawberry's, which happen to be my favorite fruit. And I know that he can't sleep in the dark. Childhood fear that never quite went away.

He hates football as much as I do, but loves soccer and swimming. His favorite color is dark red, and his birthday is in December exactly one week before Christmas. He has four other siblings, two boys and two girls, and hasn't seen his father in five years. His eyes are three different colors (brown, green, and a yellowish color) and he hates his hair color (dark brown, though it gets more of an auburn look in the summer) though he'd never think of dying it. He's not the brightest person in the world, but he's never been in a remedial class. He's been to Juvie once, and his favorite class is Art while his worst is Math. He's addicted to caffeine and Christmas songs, though Christmas is his least favorite holiday.

Basically, Jace is a very complicated guy with a very basic though process of sleep, food, sex, and annoy Willow. In order from least favorite to most favorite.

… Maybe I know a bit too much about him.

"Willow, for the love of the God I don't believe in, stop spacing!"

Ah... He's also Atheist...

"Sorry... I don't know what's with me today..." I lied, sighing and rubbing my forehead before closing my book and looking up. "Do we have to study today? I'm not really in the mood."

"Oh my God, Willow? Not in the mood for studying? Maybe there is a God after all." Jace said, raising his eyebrows. I glared back, crossing my arms over my chest. "Go to Hell Jace."

"Gladly. Are you coming too?"


"Damn... It's gonna be pretty lonely then."

I rolled my eyes and stood up, stretching and cracking my neck before heading into the kitchen and glancing at the clock. 5:30, which meant mom would be home in about an hour. I heard a loud groan before Jace walked in too, rubbing his knee. "Damn table..." he mumbled. I smiled and opened the fridge, getting out a soda and handing it to him before getting a water for myself. Jace frowned at my bottle, uncapping his own and taking a drink before commenting, "I don't see how you can drink that."

"It's water. Apparently, it's healthy for you."

He hummed his response, looking at the clock as well and counting something off on his fingers. "We have three more hours before I have to go."

"... And you needed fingers for that? We may have more work to do than I thought."

"Go to Hell Willow."

"Gladly. Are you coming too?"

"... Jackass."

I smiled, taking a drink of the water and leaning against the island. "So, how come you're passing Math?" he asked suddenly with interest and curiosity. I turned to him, raising an eyebrow in sort of a 'duh' expression. "Possibly because I pay attention in that class." I responded. He frowned, messing with his cap ring, which he had removed from the soda somehow. "I suck at Math." he mentioned, making me snort. "So I've noticed," I agreed quietly. He glanced up sharply, glaring somewhat. "Gee, Will. Thanks for the support."

"Anytime. And don't call me Will."

"Aw, but it fits you and your shortness!"

I turned fully to glare back at him. My 'height' (aka lack-thereof) was a sensitive subject, and he knew it. I didn't like to be reminded of my height (5''2') in any ways.

"Sorry Willow." he looked down though it was easy to tell he was still smiling. I rolled my eyes, yawning and going onto the other side of the island to stand next to him, leaning against him and closing my eyes. "Don't fall asleep standing up again. Scared the hell out of me when you fell over." he smirked. I snorted, smiling slightly. "I'll see what I can do." I felt him lift his arm and put it around my shoulder, lightly rubbing my back as I sighed, more in contentment than irritation. I was just dozing off when I heard the front door open and slam shut, making me crack an eye open to glare at mom when she walked into the kitchen. "Afternoon boys. How was school?" she asked while smiling and putting her purse onto the island. "It was alright. Nothing special." Jace replied, shrugging slightly and in effect moving me at the same time. I groaned irritatedly, lightly elbowing his ribs. Mom smiled more, shaking her head and going to the fridge to get a water. "Jace don't you have somewhere to be in a bit?" she asked suddenly, making both Jace and I sigh. "Yeah, I have to pick up Jezabel from dance." he mumbled.

Jezabel was his sister, along with Jericho. Needless to say, Jericho is by far his favorite. Mom nodded though, sighing and picking up her purse. "Well, if you need me, I'll be in the living room." she said while smiling, then left the kitchen. I sighed quietly, closing my eyes again and taking off my glasses, setting them on the island. Not five minutes later, I heard, "Damn Willow... how do you see in these things?"

I smiled, glancing up at Jace (who was slightly blurry) and shrugging. "I'm blind. What did you expect?"

He shrugged back, taking my glasses off and snorting. "It's like being drunk while you're sober..." he mumbled. I frowned, taking my glasses from him and putting them back on. "Leave my glasses alone. You'll mess your eyes up."

"Not that bad."



"Shut up."

"Love you too."