Ok, I had this idea for a while, but typed it after expressing a couple of concerns involving seeing things that aren't actually there to two certain peoples and their responses being along the lines of 'That's so cool! Seeing things man, seeing things!' Supportive guys. No, really. (Sarcasm.) So this is sort of what goes through my head when I'm in certain situations.

I stand, staring at a wall.

They're behind me.

I can feel it. They're going to grab me.

I'll run.

My footsteps thud along the empty, dark hallway.

I can see flashes of them.

Eyes, peeping. Faces, staring. Arms, reaching.

I squeeze my eyes shut.

No. That makes me more vulnerable.

I open them.

Someone ran past!

No. Nothing there.

I'm imagining everything. Nothing's real. Just me and the dark.

Remember. Nothing's there. Nothing.

No. They're there. I can see them. No, not see them.

I can feel them. They terrify me.

It's going to grab me!

I want to run to Mama's room.

Should I?

No. Don't.

Window. Look through it. Night sky. Stars. Moon.

No. Something there. Flying? Coming.

Stay away.

Go to my bed. Under the covers.

Hot day, but don't leave my feet over the side.

They can grab it.

Don't take it off completely. You're vulnerable.

Don't go completely under it. They can jump on it. You can't run.

Don't cry.

Don't scream.

Don't panic.

You're alone, and they're coming.