Holding me back,

Testing my determination.

Got my feet glued to the ground,

Trying to break my resolution.

I need to move! Move! Move fast!

Move away from this delusional past!

All the colors and the shine-

Those things are not mine.

The responsibility

That people had shoved on me.

Shook it off! Off! Off! Away!

Trying to get rid of it all today!

And now the string's thin,

I know I will win,

But it's still attached to this puppet.

Just once more, one more snippet.

They want my old avatar.

Now they'll drag me back after I went so far.

Just once more, just a little while.

Put on my best behavior, my sweetest smile.

Maybe just once more wouldn't hurt so much?

Last time? I know there's nothing as such.

No, no, no, I know I'm not looking back.

Those things weren't mine, I don't feel the lack.

This time I don't really have the chance.

You know I have to do it just once.

Just once more

And then I'm out through that door!

I turned it down, they didn't let me go.

Need to put on my best show.

If the choice was mine, I would refuse

To even look back, let alone let me be used.

I hate being dragged back

Into a world that I'm trying to leave.

It's really hard to deal with this compulsion

But I believe

I'll do it just one more time and I'm done.

You've got only the physical entity this time,

My heart is already gone.

Gone away from their world of politics.

Gone away from things that used to make me weak.

Once upon a time in a dream

That girl there used to be me.

Now open your eyes and you will see

That's not real!

That's not how I feel!

This time I'm not gonna fall for that tempting appeal!

No, no, no, I have changed, and life goes on.

Night is gone, it's a new dawn.

The darkness will fade away,

If I do it one more time, one last day.

Just do it once more and it's over.

Don't hold me back,

My heart's made to clobber,

You can't, can't, can't, can't, can't make me break!

I'm not gonna repeat the same mistake!

No, no, no, one last time, I know it'll hurt me.

But I'll survive because I know that after this I will be free.

I built it over the years

On my own tears.

Now I'm smashing it all down.

I know I may seem like a clown.

But this is the right thing, it's what I want

From the bottom of my heart.

I'll do it just once more and then it's a brand new start.

Stop freaking out, we're gonna make it!

The sword's ready! I'm gonna break it!

This is my life; I don't have to take it!

Old me is dead, you can't wake it!

Not gonna wear,

Can't make me tear,

This is hard to bear,

But I know it's a test,

I'll give it my best,

I'm not worried about the rest.

I'm gonna put up my best fight,

I know it's gonna be alright.

I'm not gonna fall.

I don't need walls

Because my feelings vanished, there's nothing to protest.

My soul is free, I can't be wrecked.

Nice move you've got.

But dear life, you forgot.

I did it so many times before.

I can do it just once more.

A/N: don't even ask me what I wrote this about :P this is just how I like to sort out my thoughts.