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This was more than just the usual hustle and bustle. It was at least double, with people scurrying here and there, calls going out with a panicked edge to their voice. Others sound frustrated with the stress as shouts rang back and forth across the already rather impressive hubbub. It was amazing, the amount of activity that could go on in one kitchen. Some would say it was impressive, fantastic, unbelievable!

To her, the only thing that was impressive, fantastic of unbelievable was the fact that nothing had been dropped yet.

A crash rang out. Whoops, she'd thought too soon then. It really wasn't surprising that something had just been dropped – there was that many people hurrying back and forth someone was bound to run into someone else at some point. Oh the joys of meal times. They were tremendous amounts of fun anyway, so this…. This was just exhilarating!


Stood in her stupid uniform along with the rest, the maid was waiting for the plates to be food to be plated up so that she could waltz into the grand, over-fancy dining room with a false smile on her face to place down over priced - likely over cooked considering the time she'd been waiting - morsels of food down in front of the Lord and all of his pretentious, snobby associates. Oh how she loved her job! She couldn't think of anything else she'd rather do.

"Order up!" was the call from the head chef.

"'About fricking time," the maid muttered as she balanced the plates she'd been given on her arms. All this was over the top. But unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to say anything – she was just a maid, a servant girl. But they were just different ways of saying a nobody. She instead of throwing down the pathetic little scraps of supposed 'fine cuisine' she was carrying and storming off as she wanted to, she replaced the irritated scowl on her face with a sweet little smile and bright eyes, and hurried on her way to where she was supposed to be serving the food. Because heaven's forbid if it were even the tiniest bit cold!

Back in her cramped, stuffy little quarters that she shared with some of the others, the maid flopped down onto her bed. She hated cleaning. She hated kitchen duty too. So when she was roped into helping clean up with kitchens after the grand meal on top of all of her other duties, she had not been impressed. But at last, she had some peace. Plus the quarters were empty for once, so no one could bother her. Lying on her back she stared up at the ceiling. Was this really what she'd come to? Cleaning up after noble families and their little tea parties? Flouncing around the castle in her dark green uniform and black boots playing the nicey nicey little girl to keep those stuck up gits happy? Each and every one of them needed a broom handle shoved up their-

"Sophia!" The shout rang down the corridor. The maid sighed in irritation, sitting up on the bed at the same time the door to the roo opened. It was the master seamstress who moked her head round. "Sophia! Are you-"

"She's not here," was the sharp statement, cutting off the seamstress.

"Oh, I thought you were Sophia! Sorry Taja. You don't know where she is, do you?" Taja ground her teeth, more than quite insulted at being mistaken for the blonde, air headed tart she was forced to share a room with. She actually had quite a good idea where the other maid was at, and opened her mouth to voice it but was cut off.
"Oh never mind, I don't have time to go looking for her. That silly girl, she's always off somewhere when I need her. Honestly, I need to keep a tag on that child, so that I know where she's at. Anyway, Taja, can you do me a favour?"

"Even if I say no I'll be doing it anyway," she muttered as she nodded stiffly to the seamstress.

"Ah good good, that's brilliant. Saves me the hassle, and I really do need this doing. Oh, and I mustn't forget to do those adjustments that Mary sent me. She did say that they were rather urgent, but they'll just have to get done after this I guess. After all, the Lady's orders to take priority and I mustn-"

"You wanted a favour of me?" Jeez did that woman witter on. Obviously her work was piling up again – she always talked forever when she was stressing.

"Oh yes, of course. There's a shipment of fabrics just come in at the docks, and some of it has some of it is very important. I need it as soon as possible, for the Lady's order you see. She wants a dress finished, but if I don't get the fabrics by tonight then I simply won't be able to do it! And she's been getting very impatient that it be finished, so I want these fabrics now. I know it's late, but be a dear and go and fetch it all will you? Normally I'd ask Sophia, but she doesn't appear to be around right now so you're really the only option I have left." The master seamstress looked to Taja, seeing as her eyes had wandered about the room as she spoke. "If you could drop them off at my workroom when you have them please dearheart, that would be brilliant. Now, I have some other things to be doing, must dash!" With that she vanished again, and Taja could hear her shuffling down the corridor at speed.

"Stupid idiot of a woman," she growled shortly after. "Didn't even tell me which dock or ship I'm supposed to be looking for. Absent minded incompetent…" the insults continued under her breath as she hauled herself back onto her feet, discarded the apron she'd been wearing in the kitchens, and stormed out of the room. This had been just a fab day. And it was getting better all the time! 'Could this evening get much worse?' she thought to herself as she pulled a horse from the stables after having tacked it up quickly and vaulted on board. Egging it straight into a swift trot, she started off towards the docks. Why'd she have to do delivery duty? She never did delivery duty. Stupid day.