As I sit here, just writing, it occurs to me that few people understand a writer's true meaning of a book, a story. And merely any reader would wonder why the author would ever experience such a situation that was presented in the book; however, that would be foolish to believe so.

A writer doesn't always write of their experiences, but about their own dreams, their own feelings, their own ideas, in hopes to draw people together to the same. I would be living proof.

I am only fifteen, just barely experiencing anything in life. Right now, high school is my reality. But like any other fifteen-year-old, I am a dreamer. My dreams lead to the ideas of the stories I write. My feelings emphasizing the meaning to an extent, but only because I am a teenage girl who is just resolving her own future, figuring myself out. That's what I feel, and hope to gather many other teenagers in the same thought.

Writers believe in what they believe in; however, I'm unsure about some things in which I've read and which I've been told to believe. But true writes are also open-minded to every thing there is to consider, every thing they can sense. And they explain that through writing.

In the love stories we read, readers see the main idea with the love connection, but most do not read between the lines to understand what the author's true meaning is; they believe it is obvious when it truly is not. Even I still have trouble deciphering the message between the lines of the books I read.

There is almost always a connection between the images of a book and the pictures of reality; a connection that is always unbelievable.