Down this lonely road I walk

Dirt or pavement

Doesn't matter

It's all the same to me.

I'm walking off

Have to get away

Can't stay no more

Got to get away.

The lonely road is fine

Don't need no company

Got plenty of my own

Named misery and agony.

I'm walkin' on this lonely road

My feet are sore and tired

I'm a shell of who I once was

Walkin' on this lonely road.

The lonely road has ended

No longer can I walk

My journey is not yet done

For I have not gotten away.

I find another lonely road

I walk on

Darkness comes, bringing fear and woe

I keep on walkin' for I have not escaped.

This lonely road has nearly ended

I keep walkin' on

I don't want to stop

My thoughts I have yet to leave behind.

I must stop

No more lonely roads to walk

I must end this

No, another lonely road I must find to walk.

Here on this lonely road

My thoughts have not been left behind

Can I stop?

Perhaps I can, but perhaps not.

A few more steps and I am there

The lonely road has stopped

Dead-end on a cliff top

Here is where it ends

I'm finished with lonely roads

Now I travel across lonely skies

No other travelers in sight

Just me and these thoughts of mine.