"DIE!" the stick figure said in a menacing voice.

"Never!" the dog said.

Thirty minutes later there was a mutilated body of dog and decapitated body of a stick figure laying in a pool of blood in grassy meadow.

"Let's never do that again." The ghost of the dog said.

The stick figure got up and put his head back on before saying:"But I'm not dead yet!"

The stick figure then started laughing like a manic as the meadow started to turn brown and die cause of his laughing. Then all of the animals in the meadow ran away. The End

"Sing the fun fun, yeah yeah song Sparky!" said Merecet.

"I will NOT sing that song." Sparky replied.

Sparky then pulled out a gun and started shooting ever thing in sight. The End

"I'm too young to die!" a turkey shouted.

"I don't care!" said a raccoon.

The raccoon magically made a knife appear and threw it at turkey. The knife went straight threw the turkey's heart causing blood to gush all over the turkey. The End