The guys had been totally nuts about the start of the play-offs. Although they knew they were eventually going to pick fights with any of them, a friendly partying between schools never hurt before. Partying with his friends on the other hand, had never been a bore but he just couldn't help himself from worrying.

David never—in all his life—fretted over anything before… especially on a girl. Not even when he knew there were guys who kept on flirting with his girlfriends even if they knew they were going out with him. He never even worried whether they might like the guy in return. He never worried whenever they got sick, he never worried if they are somewhere he didn't know or with someone else.

Plain and simple… he never gave a damn.

But with Sue… it was different. Sure because she's got no clue what she just got herself into and she's sort of a hard-headed innocent. She was sure to cause trouble and that's something he couldn't just ignore. After watching Ethan chug down four more pitchers of beer to howls of encouragement from the others, he was still worrying and so he decided to look for her… just to know if she was having fun. God knows he was, but he couldn't help getting worried.

He came across some familiar faces from school and panicked a bit when he saw Brit. But she was far too busy making out with a guy to notice him.

He tried feeling Sue out but so far he was sensing her having a good time and he had stopped himself from worrying. But after his friends had sabotaged him twice with girls—the usual, introducing him to her who's a friend of his friend and so forth—and nothing happened to him, he had thought it was because Sue was near. But then because she was near, all he could think of was her.

He had said she looked nice… damn it she looked freakin' hot!

If he thought she was looking too good to keep a man boggled, what about the other guys in the place? At least he felt honorable when it came to her since he'd already seen her at her worst… and more. He just hoped that persuasive geek could defend her self.

After wandering around the several rooms in the house, he decided to check the poolside where an orgy was happening. As the night went on, everyone was getting heavily drunk and totally wasted. Of course it was how it always went. But knowing that Sue might be somewhere in the middle of all this mess—he didn't dare imagine what she might do.

And after that movie they just saw…

He nodded at some people and smiled at girls as he passed by but his eyes were searching for that curly-haired idiot who he stupidly left with Ashley. How could he leave Sue with Ashley? Especially Ashley!


He turned and saw Fiona beaming up at him with a wide smile. Oh, god… why were his exes all in one freakin' place? This was a fate far worse than death! He had seen Lisa earlier and he just barely escaped with his wits about him.

"Fiona," he started… and couldn't think of anything to say.

"How have you been? The games are almost here? Has Greg been really hard on you? Heard he's the coach now. Hey I didn't see him here anywhere? Is he here?"

Oh, yes. Fiona the machine gun, firing question after question before he could even take a deep breathe to answer the first one. Right. Her. He remembers her.

But then he finally saw Ashley. She was sitting at the far end of the pool with a bunch of his other… He groaned. Well, better brave the lion's den. That curly-haired idiot was going to pay… big time.

He excused himself from Fiona and began walking towards Ashley. He heard his name being called but he was far too preoccupied squinting amongst the other girls in the table, looking for Sue.

As soon as he came abreast their table, all eyes turned to him with open curiosity, some looking up at him expectantly. Ashley beamed up at him.

"David, hey—"

"Where's she?" He spared her no more time.

Her brows furrowed in confusion until she understood. "Oh you mean, Sue? You just missed her. She went inside to get some water. Why—"

But he was already hurrying away, unaware that Ashley was following him as well. He pushed through the back door, squinting hard at the dimness. He made his way through a throng of people. Just as he was headed the other way towards the kitchen, he peeked at the living room turned dance floor and froze.

There she was. Dancing with… two damn guys! Goddamit, what the hell was she doing?

Through the lights from a disco ball on the high ceiling he could easily make out Sue sandwiched between two guys—oblivious of the other dancing couples—dancing to the fast-paced beating of the music. He felt all his blood rush up to his face, pounding hard against his ears. Before he knew it, he strode forward, his fists clenched on his side.

Pushing people away, he ignored the angry remarks sent his way as he grabbed Sue's hand, pulling her towards him. The two guys dancing with her turned to him with fierce expressions on their flushed drunk faces.

"What's the deal, man?"

"Yeah, we were dancing with the lady… you…"

"We-ell… hey, David," Sue slurred, looking up at him through half-lidded eyes.

The blonde guy flexed his muscles threateningly. "Do you know him, Sue?"

"Yeah," To his surprise, she leaned towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "He's the guy I was talking about… I think he came to fetch me."

Eyes widened and narrowed. He refused to be cowed as he flung his arm around Sue, pulling her hard against him.

"She's my girlfriend, got a problem with that?"

"Sheesh… some kind of boyfriend you are, buddy… you leaving this beauty is pretty stupid of ya'…"

At the warning glare on his eyes, they backed away with their arms raised. "Dude, later…"

Dragging Sue behind him, he made his way out of the stifling crowd and spotted Ashley talking with no other than Wyatt. He saw his eyes widened in recognition.

"Whoa… Sue?" Wyatt started but David ignored him and turned to Ashley with a fierce growl.

"What was she drinking?"

"Punch!" Ashley blinked up at him in surprise. "She only drank the punch."

He groaned. "Ethan always spiked the punch."

"Well, doesn't she know that?"

He turned to Sue, peering at her drooped head. "Scott, are you alright?"

She tilted her head to one side, her mouth curving on one side seductively. "Why ever am I not, honey? You told them you're my boyfriend… pretty wicked." She leaned towards him with a smile, wrapping her arms around his middle. "You're a really handsome boyfriend…"

Unable to help himself, he sighed and dragged her hair away from her flushed face. "Come on, we're leaving…"

She tugged free and began pulling on his hand instead. "Why? We're having a party, sweetie. Come join us! The juice, you should try it. It's reeeeaaally delish!"

Oh god, this was worse than he ever imagined. He had created a monster. He reached down and hooked one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back as he lifted her easily on his arms. She giggled and placed her arms back around his neck, then burying her nose behind his earlobe, she began sniffing his hair.

"Wowie! You smelled sooo good… good enough to eat." She ended the last word with a hiccup.

David slurred a million curses that would make a sailor proud. The conventional, studious, geeky Sue Scott was really drunk! Sober and in her usual staidness, she wouldn't be saying these things… wouldn't be acting as such! Hoo boy, if she saw herself right now… she'll surely freak. After moving to another country, that is.

He jerked his head to the other two who had been watching silently. "This is all my fault. I'd better take her home."

Wyatt frowned. "Well, what if we call her brother or someone… her family?"

David didn't miss the meaning behind Wyatt's words. He pinned him a serious look. "Her mother would kill me if I leave her and I don't think she'll ever let me finish the last of her cream tarts if I put Sue in trouble because of my bad decision."

Now that would surely put Wyatt in his place. Somewhere where he knew he could never be as important to Sue as David was. And David reveled in that knowledge, especially since Sue moaned and burrowed deep in the crook of his neck.

Ashley only nodded, smiling as she looked at the two of them. Ashley caught him when he was just outside the front porch.

"She's really not your girlfriend is she?"


Ashley gave him a knowing smile. "But she's important to you."

It was a statement. David looked at her green eyes and knew there's no pint in lying. "Yes."

Her smile got wider. "Then why isn't she your girlfriend?"

He froze, unable to answer such a question. Sue moaned and clung closer, her face pressed at the crook of his neck. He was all too aware of her warm breathe against his neck.

"Because I'm starting to really care for her."

He met up with Ethan and Myers headed his way as he was heading to where Ethan had parked his car.

Ethan threw his keys at him then asked. "Is it her, Tyler?"

"What?" David snapped as he gently placed Sue inside.

Myers stepped back then smirked. "The one who's got you acting like a protective papa bear…"

"Huh, more like a grumpy old man. Oh, I got it," Ethan started then grinned conspiratorially at Myers. "Tyler's acting like a real, concerned boyfriend."

"Shut up," David answered back.

Sue looked at him with sleepy eyes and he couldn't resist brushing one lock of her hair off her face, unaware that Myers and Ethan had exchanged looks once again.

"What?" David turned to them with a bored look.

"I know you, man. We never saw you acting like… this." Ethan said. "It's just… scary, that's all."

David draped his jacket over her shoulders. "She needs a lot of looking after, that's all."

"Well, there is a lot to look at," Myers laughed while Ethan guffawed along. "Well, you're like her babysitter are ya'? Damn… maybe I should get me some job babysitting hotties like this one."

"Oh-ho, hands off Myers. That chick's Tyler's…"

"I believe you've got some place else to be than pissing me off…"

There was no way he's gonna let them make a remark about Sue. Damn, they were right. He was acting like some kind of protective… boyfriend. Oh god, how had things started getting so completely screwed?

"Whoa, slow down, dude… we don't mean any harm on Sue. Hey, you're acting kind of strange, man…"

David gritted his teeth in frustration. "I shouldn't have brought here her. She's my responsibility and now—"

"Wait, hold up, man. When had you started taking responsibility over a chick, huh?" Myers asked. That surely stunned him. But what else would he say?

"Starting now."

As soon as Myers and Ethan left after a round of lewd comments and teasing, David tried once again to waken her. Leaning over the open passenger side door, he ignored the impulse to stare and instead focused his eyes on her heavy eyelids.

"Scott, can you hear me? You've got to stay sober for a bit. I still got an earful to take off of you. I told you not to drink anything. Why did I ever bring you here in the first place? What if your mom saw you like this then you're in big trouble, young lady. We're in big trouble."

He didn't know if Sue got any of that. She continued to stare at him through heavy lids that begged to sleep. Then she startled him by leaning forward, her face just a few inches away from his face, their noses were almost touching.

"Ashley said you were the best boyfriend she ever had." She blinked once, twice, her eyes wandering lazily all over his face to bore into his eyes once more. "And the other girls… kept talking about you and your ass—"



His vanity prompted him to ask. "What else did they say?"

"They said… they said you were really good at… at charming women."


"And that you're… you're a really nice person. Determined and trustworthy… of course I knew that already," She smiled and leaned back on the head rest, mumbling softly. "I totally trust you with my life."

David didn't know what to say to that. He draped his jacket over her bare shoulders, closing the door before getting in himself. He glanced at Sue from beside him and sighed, glad that she had fallen asleep and mad at him self for not taking better care of her. They zoomed through the neighborhood and arrived at the Scott's front porch just in time. No one was yet at home and David thanked his good luck.

"Okay, Scott, we're home."

Sue mumbled something unintelligible, frowning. David sighed and helped her get out of her seatbelt. He held her steady as they made their way to the front door, careful not to jostle her.

"You're a jerk. Did you know that you dated every single girl on the party?" She mumbled audible enough for him to hear, stumbling on the first steps while David followed from behind, ready to catch her if ever she fall off-balance. "They surely agreed on one thing about you…"

David didn't know if she were sober or not. Thinking the latter, he humored her and asked. "Really, what is that?"

He looked up just in time to see that she had grabbed hold of his shoulders for balance. She stared hard at his eyes before her gaze drifted down towards his mouth.

"She said you were the best kisser in the world." Caught by surprise, he stood immobile as she leaned down and whispered against his lips. "Are you really?"

Then she kissed him.

Right on, darlings! Their first kiss...

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