Ana sat down beside me, her small blanket in one of her hands. She yawned and rubbed one of her eyes with a small fist.

"Ana, why aren't you sleeping?"

"Daddy's not here." She said, pushing herself further back on the couch.

"You shouldn't be out of bed." I said, pulling her onto my lap.

She yawned again. "I know."

"Ana, you have to go back to bed."

"But why aren't you in bed?"

"Because I'm older than you and I'm allowed to stay up."

"That's not fair."

"You can stay up when you're older, I promise. But for right now you have to go to bed."

She crossed her arms over her chest and made a pouting face. "Fine. Take me to bed."

I picked her up and walked to her room. "You didn't even get dressed for bed?"

She shook her head. "Nope."

I sighed and pulled the nightgown over her head. "You need your sleep, Ana."

She yawned again. "Mommy, can you stay with me?"

"Are you scared?"

She shook her head. "No. I just want you in here when I sleep."

"I can't stay in here all night, you know."

She nodded. "I know."

I sat down beside her and brushed her hair back. "Daddy will be home soon. Just get some sleep and the time will fly by."

She curled up against my side. "Mommy?"

"What is it, Ana?"

"Can you sleep in here tonight?"

"Ana, I have to sleep in my own bed."

"Please, mommy."

I kissed her forehead. "I'll think about it."

"Why are we here?" I asked, getting out of the car and looking around the park. The swings and grass were soaked from the rain. No one was there seeing as it was late.

"It reminds me of you." Dylan said, walking over to me.

"It does?" I asked, looking over.

Dylan smiled. "Yeah."

"Well thanks."

He laughed and led me to the swings. He laid out his jacket on a swing, which he hadn't used yet.

I wasn't dressed to swing at the park or walk around in wet grass. I had a black and white cheetah print skirt, grey leggings on, and wedge heels. A simple, light pink shirt was on underneath one of Dylan's jackets I had.

Dylan got down on one knee and my gasp was almost embarrassing.

I felt myself blush.

He smiled and pulled out a small, black velvet box. He lifted the box open to reveal a real diamond ring. "Ramona Henderson, will you marry me?"

I swallowed hard before answering, knowing automatically what my answer would be. "Of course."

He slid the ring onto my third finger and kissed me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. "Best present ever."

He laughed. "I love you."

"Mm, I love you, more."

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