Author's Note: I hate poetry. I am not a poet. I just don't know how I should label this. It seems more like a poem than anything else. On my blog, I tagged it as "word vomit," because that's what it really is. A shit load of word vomit. Oh, yeah. There's cursing. Oops.

Going and Coming.

First posted on lahkneekah(dot)tumblr(dot)com


The type of girl to run away and come back

You're always out soul searching while everyone you left is picking up the pieces

Don't know what to do, don't know what to think

Following your heart is what they always tell us, but how many of us really do it?

And do it correctly at that?

What's right and what's wrong

We say "fuck it," but sometimes they're right

Sometimes it's okay to think about how people judge us

Cause you keep going and coming, going and coming, and the rest of us are just going

Taking u-turns seems like too much hassle, making wrong turns confuses the GPS

It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you get there

Preferably on time

Mostly you're never on time, if you show up at all

Sometimes no one shows up, sometimes your shadow shows up

Most of the time nothing shows up, though

You're a big pile of nothing that's got a lot of something

We're all just big piles of nothing

Maybe one day some of us will turn into a big pile of cash, but mostly we're all just a big pile of nothing

Together, and apart. Just big piles of things to be cherished, things that were forgotten, things needed to be done, and things that were tossed away

So back to my point, and less about my pessimistic view on shit

You're alway going and coming, and everyone is still here

What happens when you're coming and there's nothing there?

We've all gone, the way that you'd been going, but now we've all moved on

What happens when someone decided they wanna take a left and not follow you to the right?

You can't find them again

This is a one way high way

You'd have to back track, take an exit, and figure out where something went wrong

The last time that happened…

It happened

That's about all

It happened and then you went again

Going and coming

Jealousy is as jealousy was

Nothing more to it

You're the type of guy to walk in and walk out

To kiss and tell, but never to the person you've kissed

Brush it off

Act like nothing happened

You go and you come

Once in a while you'll stay for a few nights, but mostly you leave after half an hour

Going and coming is all there ever is until there's no where to go, and no one's waiting for you to come

You give everyone a reason to love you, and to hate you

You impress and woe the crowds


You leave them wanting to more

You leave everyone wanting more, that's why there's always something to come back to

Someone is always going to be waiting for you, be it out of pity or desire

You've put up this illusion and everyone's eating it up


Going and coming

I'll always be waiting