Hugo the fat Elephant went out for some ice cream. When he got to the counter of the ice cream shop, the man behind it looked at him blankly.

"And what would you like sir?" He asked, looking at Hugo's feet.

Hugo looked at the menu. It read:


Ice cream……….$2.00

Ice cream……….$2.00

Ice cream……….$2.00

Ice cream……….$2.00

Ice cream……….$2.00

Ice cream with a side of ice cream……….$2.75

"Uh….I'll have some ice cream." Hugo finally decided.

"A good choice sir." said the man at the counter.

Hugo nodded politely.

After Hugo ate his ice cream, he died.

One night after his death, police arrested the guy who worked at the counter of the ice cream shop for poisoning Hugo the fat elephant. The ice cream shop was shut down to avoid further deaths.

It was all over the news.

Inspector Giraffe was on the case. He and his sidekick, Komodo Dragon, went to the shop to observe the menu. After looking it up and down, Komodo wondered aloud: "What do you suppose he got?"

"Well, we can't really be sure, but I think it might have been ice cream," allowed the Inspector. They left the stand and drove back to the police station on their kumquat.

"What did you discover, Inspector?" asked the head police officer, Butter-flutter.

"Well, for starters," Said Komodo, "The menu had many different courses, but we believe Hugo ingested Ice Cream."

"Hmm. Do you know what type of poison was used?" Butter-flutter asked.

"Sir, I do believe that is what YOU were investigating." prompted Inspector Giraffe.

"Oh, y-yes. Right. On the remains of the cone we found sugar, leading us to believe that was the poison used." Butter-flutter stuttered.

"Dastardly!" Inspector Giraffe cried.

"A monster, that ice cream retailer," said Komodo.

"I propose that we tell the mayor that all Ice Cream producers must have a permit to sell such a... hazardous substance" Said Butter-flutter.

"Well then," said Inspector Giraffe, "as they say in court, 'Case Closed'!"