Dainty scissors, intricate lace;
Pretty fishnets, daisy chains
Of memories in faded denim fray
Forgotten at the break of day.

Scarlett ribbon, lips of vintage-
Outlines of a black wire cage.
Therein a key, a sparkling gem
With feathers tatted on the hem.

Eyes of black vinyl with golden dust
Embellished, encoated in copper rust.
Encompassed by an almond of shadow
Enticed with the shimmer of flowery meadows.

Confusion, a cyclone, a twister, a gale.
Dandelions fly, small and frail
By chance or of choice, snow white wings
Flutter to whatever freedom brings.

The Phoenix rises, a fiery red
From a pure little dove whose blood was shed.
Significance alarmingly disappears
Instilling in this a sense of fear.

Dust to dust, and ashes to ashes.
Pixie glitter on long, curled lashes.
Things happen in the blink of an eye
Whisper quietly, and breathe a 'goodbye'.